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Aries 2021 Predictions


In career, you will overcome a difficult time & move towards something better. The stressful period in your work or career may be getting over and it will become calmer. If your work life has been turbulent it will get under control. This year, you will be able to overcome difficulties and accomplish your goals and finish task with ease. There could be a change of job or improvement in the position that you are better suited for.

Finance/ Money

Follow a measured and balanced approach with money. Financial security will be your main concern this year but do not take any hasty decision regarding finances, investments and expenditures. Work hard, plan your expenditures and save to ensure there is no problem. There is financial growth and you can consider making a long term investment.


You will notice better bonding and positive changes in your relationship. If you are discontent in your relationship, you and your partner may have to work towards making things better. Singles, can expect to meet someone but you have to be open to the idea of meeting new people. An ex-partner or love interest may come back, however, do not make an extra effort to make it work, because if it is right, it will happen anyway.


There could be some restlessness, discontentment or a bit of detachment at the home front. This is the year of strengthening your bond with your family. Work on realigning your relationship with your close ones, take break from the routine, take a trip together, inject some excitement, and spend some quality moments with each other. Communicate with your children and allow them to express themselves.


If health has been your concern, you are on the road to recovery. You will be active and take exercising and eating well very seriously. However, if there is any medical ailment that you have been ignoring then you must attend to it without any delays. There could be some emotional stress, depression or grief related issues that may trouble you in the months of September and December.


This year, you will find yourself more spiritually inclined and open to learn and connect with the higher energy. You may join a group or interact with like minded people on the spiritual path.


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