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Know your Zodiac sign's Tarot Card

Chhavi Tarot-Zodiac cards
Know your Zodiac sign's Tarot Card

Each zodiac sign is connected to one of the 22 Tarot cards in the Major Arcana. Find your zodiac below and see what your Tarot card says about you!

Chhavi Tarot- Aries Card

Aries: The Emperor represents power, authority, wisdom & leadership. The four Ram’s heads on his throne are the symbol of sign Aries. The ankh, Egyptian symbol of life & reproduction, in his right hand symbolize power and leadership. His beard suggests his maturity & his armour reflect strength & action. The Emperor is number four symbolising stability. As an Aries, you are a born leader, mature, and always in control of your emotions & situation. You are ambitious and trustworthy. You are a progressive thinker, focussed, and execute with proper planning.

Chhavi Tarot- Taurus Card

Taurus: The Hierophant represents commitment, loyalty, and practicality. The three crosses on the Hierophant’s staff symbolize- earth, heaven & the spirit world. You understand the algorithm of aligning the material, emotional, and spiritual realms. You believe in traditional values & are committed to relationships. People often seek your counsel & you know how to keep secrets. You are talented & nurture your skills through constant learning.

Chhavi Tarot- Gemini Card

Gemini: The Lover card represents versatility, fun & duality. The Tree of Life on the right side & the Tree of Knowledge on the left side represent the male & the female principle, respectively. As the twins shown in the card, these two energies combine to create one unified energy. While the male looking forward symbolise material and physical world, the woman looking upwards to the Archangel symbolises spiritual wisdom. The card tells you that there are always two sides to every situation & your decision should be based on long-term future rather than short term gains.

Chhavi Tarot- Cancer Card

Cancer: The Chariot represents determination, leadership & courage. You are determined & focussed in your approach. Once a decision is made, you move forward even if it means alone; you don’t look back. The Hindu symbol of lingam reflects the harmony between male & female aspects. The yellow background denotes a clear vision & a conscious mind. You are creative & take new initiatives. You are a leader & like to lead but takes everyone along.

Chhavi Tarot- Leo Card

Leo: The Strength card represents leadership, determination & courage. The lion in the card symbolizes power & leadership, while the woman signifies determination & courage. You have the quality of demonstrating immense strength even in the most precarious situations. You are a born leader with strong willpower; someone who is always ready to take on challenges. You are well aware of your power & strength, yet you are balanced & in control of the situation.

Chhavi Tarot-  Virgo Card

Virgo: The Hermit card represents wisdom, hardwork & patience. The staff and the lantern represent self-support and support to others. The old man signifies wisdom & maturity; the downward gaze symbolise analytical & crucial thinking before decision making. You are kind & often go out of the way to help others. You prioritise your tasks & focus on planning than immediate action. You are reliable & extremely faithful.

Chhavi Tarot- Libra Card

Libra: Justice. As a Libra, you have an inherent need for balance, equality, & justice. The scales symbolize balance & fairness; you always weigh both sides of a story before making a judgement. In relationships, you look for meaningful associations & love to maintain peace and harmony. You have a sharp intellect, a curious mind & the ability to forward an excellent discussion.

Chhavi Tarot- Scorpio Card

Scorpio: Death. The most prominent characteristic of a Scorpio is determination. You are undeterred once you set your mind on something. In relationships, you are committed & honest and are always available for your family & friends. You are fiercely ambitious and single-minded in achieving your goals.

Chhavi Tarot- Sagittarius Card

Sagittarius: Temperance. You are optimistic, enthusiastic & love being outdoors. You have a great sense of humour & are good at making friends. As a Sagittarius, you know how to conceptualise ideas & execute them too. In relationships, you are sensitive, emotional & seek intellectual compatibility in your partner. You are excellent in striking a fine balance between work & relationships.

Chhavi Tarot- Capricorn Card

Capricorn: You are highly meticulous, diligent & have a never give up attitude. You are extremely ambitious & ready to work hard to achieve your goals. You don’t look for shortcuts be it work or relationships. In relationships, you are loyal and devoted. You believe in family traditions & are attached to your roots.

Chhavi Tarot- Aquarius Card

Aquarius: The Star card represents hope, creativity, and inspiration. The maiden in the picture is the symbol of youth & creativity. The flowing water signifies harmony & resourcefulness. The Stars represent hope, spirituality & you are blessed with the gift of intuition. In relationships, you seek intellect & honesty. You are committed & loyal in love. You are close to your family & feel a strong sense on responsibility towards them.

Chhavi Tarot- Pisces Card

Pisces: The Moon. As a Pisces you are deeply emotional, empathetic & gentle. You are generous with a deep sense of compassion towards others. You are easy going & social and that make you very popular among your friends. You are immensely creative & intuitive. You seek trust & emotions in a relationship. There is a constant unrest within you arising from the duality of spiritual & physical world.