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Spiritual Predictions for 2021


This year, you will find yourself more spiritually inclined and open to learn and connect with the higher energy. You may join a group or interact with like minded people on the spiritual path.


This year you will be spiritually inclined and you may find yourself confused about choosing between the material world and the spiritual life. You may explore your spiritual side and there could be different forms of spiritual practices that you may get interested in.


This could be a year of spiritual awakening for you. The spiritual path is opening up for you, so you must use this opportunity to develop and future your spiritual instincts further. You may notice a lot of surprises coming your way in the form of positive sign, symbols and omen. Be open and let the universe guide you.


You must let go of any negative feelings, thoughts and attitude towards life. Let go of negative thinking and change the way you look at things in order to connect better with the spiritual world and the higher consciousness. Also, you will be well harnessed and protected so do not struggle against the circumstances, accept and wait your things to unfold before you take any action.


This year, your spiritual side will progress and gain momentum. You will witness a surge in your energy that will drive you forward towards your spiritual goals at a much faster pace. You may also make a trip to some spiritual/religious place.


This year, you will be exploring your spiritual side and will make rapid strides towards your spiritual goals. You will witness a surge in your energy that will drive you forward towards your spiritual goals at a much faster pace. You may also make a trip our group tour to some spiritual/religious place.


This year you will be working hard, relentlessly and methodically towards your spiritual goal. You will put a routine in place, making gradual progress even though it may not be quick. Take small little steps towards your goals and you will surely overcome any challenge that comes your way.


This year brings in the opportunity of spiritual awakening for you. The message is to understand the law of Karma & the cyclic nature of fortune; what goes around comes around. Reconnect with your family and friends, be kind & loving. If it is positive emotions of love, kindness & compassion that you emit, it is what you will get in return. Make the most of this time & enjoy what you have at the moment because it will soon change.


This year you will step closer towards developing or deepening your psychic or intuitive abilities and will be able to control and balance your feelings and emotions better. A mentor or a guide may appear in your life, alternately you may step into this role for others.You need to stay emotionally balanced, calm and level-headed while dealing with negative situations and challenges.


This year brings mental clarity, open-mindedness, and perspective to see the bigger picture. Do not let logic and intellect supersede you intuition and heart and affect your spiritual growth. Also, utilise the wisdom and strength that you have gained from your past struggles to help others. An older mature woman in your life will step up to guide and support you in your spiritual path.


You may have lost your focus on the spiritual path because of the duties and responsibilities towards you work and family. You are carrying too much on your shoulders that you have lost sight of your spiritual goals. However, you can get back on track with careful management of time and resources.


There may be insecurities, blockages and negative thoughts that are pushing you back and stopping you from moving forward on your spiritual path. You may be experiencing stress and anxiety because of which you may feel overwhelmed and off track. Practicing meditation regularly, not overthinking and fixing sleep patterns will help you stay grounded and balanced.


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