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The Year Ahead Tarot Spread

The year 2020 was marked by uncertainty, and as we approach the end of it, it’s time to see what the year 2021 has in store for us and how we can bring some clarity in these uncertain times.

The Year Ahead Tarot Spread will give your insights into what to expect for the year ahead, help you set your intention for the year, and where you need to focus your energy to get the most out of this new year.

This Twelve card Year Ahead Tarot reading will help you:

  • identify and gain clarity on the energies coming into your life

  • significant developments in the key aspects of life (career, finances, business, love, relationships, health, and spirituality)

  • How you can use the opportunities that may come your way to the best of our best advantage and face the challenges that may stand in your way

  • overall guidance to manifest your long-term goals

  • plan ahead and deal with potential challenges that stand in your way

  • Identify the energy that you can focus on to make the most of the year ahead

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Here’s the spread:

Click here to book a session for Year Ahead Tarot Reading!

Card 1: Overall perspective and overview of the new year. What to expect for the whole year and what you want to achieve in the new year.

Card 2 : what you can expect to happen on the financial and material front, possessions, security and property.

Card 3 : Reveal your love life and stability in your relationship, how you can strengthen your bond. Is loving coming your way or your relationship will take a serious turn.

Card 4 : what developments you can expect in the home and family life such as moving into a new house, renovation etc.

Card 5 : health-related topics such as stress, anxiety, lifestyle issues, eating right or exercising regularly. 

Card 6 : Any major and life changing events like birth, marriage or something on a transformational level.

Card 7 : Status and reputation in the society and what changes to bring about and how you would communicate.

Card 8 : How you will be interacting and communicating with your friends and your relationship with people other than your family.

Card 9 : What you need to understand about your soul’s journey, how to develop your soul further and life lessons to be learnt.

Card 10 : Obstacles or challenges that may come or stand in your way, warnings, what to avoid, what you need to be careful about.

Card 11 : Opportunities that may come your way and how you can make the most of them, what will support you achieving your goals.

Card 12 : What you need to focus on next twelve months and the energy you need to tap into throughout the year.

Click here to book a session for Year Ahead Tarot Reading!


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