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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of November 30, 2020

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of November 30, 2020 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


Are you in job that you don’t like or a relationship that is overbearing? You may be dealing with difficult situation at work, relationships, or your partner might be dominating or controlling. Take time out to assess & evaluate the situation and see if there is overindulgence or excess of anything that you are doing- working, spending, eating etc. Relationship with your partner could be stressed at this point. Be cautious with your money and do not overspend. Not a good time to take any decision related to love, job, finances.


This week bring opportunities & choices but there will be confusion too. Evaluate the options, its advantages & disadvantages before making a choice. In love, you may have a choice to make- between lovers, work or love, family or love. Your love interest may express their love but may not be ready to commit. There may be a job offer or an opportunity in existing role; be practical while making the decision. There will be money making opportunities but be cautious before making any investments.


You can expect a significant change coming your way in career and business. The outcome for everything you do or plan to do will be positive. There will be new opportunities and investments. There will be financial stability, new opportunities & investments, but be cautious with expenditures. Your bond with your partner will grow stronger. You will be spending a lot of time together and enjoying more. You may also be reuniting with an old friend, partner or a family member.


You may face disappointment & feel upset over some confusion or arguments. You could be forced to change or leave your job even if you are not ready to do so, and the circumstances are not favourable. Be wise with money, and do not make any investments at this time. There could be arguments with a close friend or a family member. In relationships, there could be breakups & heartbreaks due to disputes over past issues or actions. If you are single, get over the past relationship that did not work and move on.


You may receive a pleasant news, surprise about your relationship, love, family or children. There may be an opportunity emerging in front of you and urges you to explore the idea further. There could be a positive news related to your relationship- a proposal, engagement or marriage. It’a time to infuse some romance in your relationship. If you’ve been thinking of starting something new, take some time out to put clear plans in place, work on a strategy to achieve your goals. Be grounded, practical and realistic with money and expenses.


If things have felt difficult recently, they are about to change for better. This week brings better physical and spiritual well-being. It’s time to appreciate everything you have in life, including your family, friends, work, health. Your relationship with your partner will get deeper and meaningful. For singles, it is time to let go painful experiences from past relationships; meet people & open yourself for love. Finances are moving upward, job opportunity, promotion and recognition is coming your way.


A period of difficulty and emotional anguish, heartache, relationship trouble is indicated. You may suffer betrayal of some kind at a deep emotional level. Betrayal & disloyalty in relationships and business dealings is foreseen. There could also be an end of a draining or demanding associations. Let go of overbearing relationships, painful memories, and attachments. The work environment may not be very cordial and you may have to face unfriendly and spiteful words of your boss or colleagues. Financially, it could be a difficult time.


You will see a change or a transition happening either in your personal or professional life. There could be a change that could lead to a complete transformation of your relationship or the beginning of a new phase. It could mean break-up or letting go of a relationship that no longer is working for you. If you are unhappy with your current job, you may look at a new job or a change of role. Financially it could be a title difficult & you need to be practical with money & investments.


You may overcome a difficult time or a situation & move towards something better. The stressful period in your work or career may be getting over. If your work life has been turbulent it will get under control. There will be financial stability but do keep an eye on expenses and be responsible while spending. In love, an emotional strife is about to end and it’s time for your relationship to progress. If you’re single, you are ready to leave behind the memories of past relationship & welcome love again in your life.


You may be at a crossroads & need to make a crucial decision where you will have to bring your logic and intuition together. The choice you will make now will have a long-lasting impact. your relationship will enter a new phase but avoid judging your partner or playing the petty blame game. If you are single, you may revisit an old relationship & decide if it is worth trying again. Be careful with your finances & make sure you have all the facts needed to make a decision about investments.


You will win applause and recognition for your work. You will get a chance to showcase your talent in public or given an opportunity to give speech or lecture on a subject you excel in. In love, there will be commitment and you will make extra efforts to make things work with your partner. Singles may meet a potential partner through work or at the workplace. Your project will be finished and well appreciated. You can consider learning a skill to improve your qualifications.


In work your ideas and project will flourish. Your efforts and hard work will pay off, and there is a possibility of financial reward like bonus or promotion. There will be prosperity and abundance. You will have the resources to splurge occasionally and help others. Investments will fetch good returns. New opportunity in the current job and starting a new venture is also on the horizon. Don’t be excessively absorbed in your personal life that you completely forget about yourself. Take time out for yourself- pursuing a hobby, catching up with friends.

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