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A little about me


I truly believe that people today are evoking a spiritual awareness that has existed as a part of our ancient culture since time immemorial. On this path to seeking wisdom, the Tarot becomes the mirror of our lives. It teaches us the lessons we need to learn and shows the direction to carve desired life experiences. It allows us to tap into our inner wisdom and get answers and solutions that we already reap within us. 


My passion and belief in Tarot as the guide to discover methods for positive changes in life and as a manifestation of self goals for an ideal future led to the initiation of the Chhavi Tarot, a platform to offer Tarot consultancy, Guidance and Healing solutions.


Through the cards, I am able to show my clients their current situation, the problems, the environment affecting their position, what different paths are available to them, and what they might experience along each of those different paths. It helps one make conscious choices about which way to take instead of just being driven by habits and past programming. 


Tarot is all about the exchange of energy, and as I progressed on my path I soon realised that I needed to protect my energy. It is then that I delved into the magical power of healing crystals. With time I only went deeper into their energy and became more conscious of their multitude of powers.


What started as personal healing and simple remedies for friends and family grew multi-fold with practice to be soon turned into a full-fledged crystal healing venture.

We go the extra mile to carefully selected every piece with love and care. A lot of care is taken to cleanse, charge and programme the crystal to make them help you in your journey of manifestation.


Most of our products listed here are hand-crafted in small batches. To ensure authenticity we do our best to procure ethically high-quality crystals only.


I am aware of the energy exchange that goes into creating the purest and most positive vibration in the crystals, therefore the crystals or stones are cleaned and charged individually by myself with the intentions of love and utmost positivity.


 So, here’s hoping that you have an amazing experience shopping with us!

Official bio: 

Aside from my Bachelor's degree in Humanities and a Master's degree in Business Administration, I have been intensively working with Tarot for my spiritual guidance. My tryst with it soon turned into my passion that has guided me and people around me ever since. During this time, I completely immersed myself in everything to do with Tarot and also worked as a professional tarot reader & advisor.


I started my career 20 years ago as a journalist with the national broadcaster, Doordarshan. Apart from being a full-time professional Tarot advisor, I am a partner in a leading brand communication consultancy since 2007.


My vision through Chhavi Tarot is to empower people to be a master of their life and ultimately create a life they love. My aim is to offer solution-centric guidance and effective physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing so they can tap into their true potential and manifest their goals and create an ideal future.

Achieve your goals



How can Tarot help you?

Help you create a life you love.

Help you in informed decision-making based on your strengths & fears that exist unconsciously.

Help you see the path to your goal– by helping you align who you really are with what you want to manifest.


Why Chhavi Tarot?

High level of personalised, accurate readings tailored to individual needs. 

Holistic and Solution-based approach

Help in informed decision-making


Help you create your ideal future and manifest your goals. 

Help you live in alignment with your life purpose.


Products & Services

Understand what's going on in your life and how the future unfolds.

Provide guidance & help you to assess your current situation, challenges and opportunities.

Help and advice in eliminating your suffering and reclaiming your life through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

See what people are saying


"I have been to many tarot readers in my life but Chhavi was so accurate about my past and current scenario. The best thing about her as a reader is that she does not work by keeping time in mind, she would spend time with you and explain everything in details. I am talking out of experience, she is brilliant. Thank you Chhavi for you guidance "

Shagun Sharma

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