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If you are reading this, you love crystals as we do and might be a little curious to know what makes crystals at Chhavi Tarot unique. 


All the crystals and jewellery here at Chhavi Tarot are blessed in traditional Hindu rituals and prayers to imbue life and blessings into our crystals so that they reach you brimming with love, positive intentions and energy. 


I invite you to read below how I Charge and Program to maximize their healing abilities and magical powers. Please take a look at our collection of fully Charged and Energised crystals sorted by the healing properties or by the intention. 

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Let's start with the basics. So often, people get confused about the concepts of Cleaning, Charging and Programming. While there are numerous ways this three-step process can be done, in this article, I will only talk about the process I have been following over the years.


Steps followed to CLEANSE the crystals:

Since their extraction, crystals carry the energy and hold on to the vibrations of everyone who has handled it and eventually pass them on to you. So, the first step involves Surface or physical Cleaning and Energy Cleansing. Cleansing is essential not only two get rid of physical impurities but to neutralise the energy of a crystal and prepare it for the next step, i.e. charging and activating it for a specific need or purpose. Only when the crystal is clean will it be able to support your personal or environmental energy field. 

1. Cleansing of Crystals with water and salt:


Crystals are washed with warm water and sea salt and left overnight under the moonlight. Salt can damage or discolour some stones; therefore, we use water to clean some stones.


2. Cleansing Crystals with incense and herbs:


We use herbs to clean and purify a crystal by exposing it to the smoke emanating by burning them for a few minutes. I use herbs like Sage, Gugggal (myrrh), and Lobaan (frankincense) for purification rituals. I accompany the cleansing with a prayer or chanting to make it more effective.


For a crystal to work effectively, it must be energized and programmed for a specific purpose and the intended result. The two processes- Charging/energizing and Programming) must be carried out whenever you intend to use the crystals for particular purposes like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 

Cleansing Crystal

Steps followed to CHARGE/ENERGISE the crystals:

Crystals, like our bodies, have their vibrations, and the interaction between the crystal's energy and our energy affects our vibration. Therefore, when these crystals come in contact with us, they tune our vibrations to a higher level and help us attract the positive changes we want in our lives. Thus, it is essential to charge the crystal to infuse it with positive energies so that it works at the highest level of its vibration and is most effective in supporting your positive intentions.

1. Charging crystals with Sun Energy:

Sun is strong masculine energy, and the Moon is feminine energy. Charging crystals in the Sun give them strong and vibrant energy, enhances growth in all areas of life, and fosters spirituality. I prefer to charge them on the day of 'Sankranti'- the transmigration of the Sun from one zodiac to another, by performing 'Havan' and paying obeisance to the Sun god. There are 12 Sankranthi's in a year.


Known as Surya Dev in Hinduism, the Sun God is one of the most worshipped deities from the Vedic era and one of the few Gods who could be seen with eyes. The Sun symbolizes power, knowledge, and vitality, the one who dispels darkness and illuminates one's life. It doesn't take much intelligence to recognize the importance of the Sun in our lives- without Him, there would be no life on earth.

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2. Charging Crystals with Lunar or Moon Energy:


To infuse the crystals with the Lunar or Moon Energy, on every full Moon, I place the crystals on the ground or a natural surface outside overnight under the moonlight and allow them to bathe and soak up the gentle feminine energy. 


According to Hindu mythology, Chandra is the God of the Moon and the father of Budha. It is believed that the Moon supports the plants and crops to grow. The Moon governs our state of mind, our thought process, emotions, and intuition.


The Full Moon is a powerful time for charging the crystals because the lunar energy at this time is at its highest and can be utilized to harness the energy with positive vibrations. 


Moon energy works well for facilitating transitions, new beginnings, growth, optimism, and hope. Likewise, the full Moon works wonders for charging your crystals for love and abundance.


3. Charging Crystals by Mantra chanting:


Mantra means a sound. Science sees that everything has a vibration, and if there is a vibration, there has to be a sound. Therefore, the whole existence is a fusion of sounds or mantras. 


There are different types of mantras. Every mantra activates a particular kind of energy. For example, the chanting of the Gayatri mantra brings success and happiness in life; similarly, the chanting of the Mahamrityunjya mantra (a verse from the Rig Veda) bestows longevity and courage and eliminates fears. 


Crystals, like our bodies, have vibrations, and the interaction between the crystal's energy and the human body's energy affects our vibration. Thus, chanting mantras breathe in and elevate the vibration and positive energy into the crystals.

Charging Crystal

Steps followed to PROGRAM the crystals:

Giving the crystal your intention or inspiration to work for a specific purpose is called programming. A crystal needs to be Cleansed, Charged/Energized and Activated or Programmed to work at its highest performance. 


A crystal can be programmed- for yourself and someone else. 

Crystal Programming for yourself:


When you buy a crystal or a piece of jewellery from us, it is charged and comes with easy-to-do, step-by-step instructions and guidelines for programming the crystal for yourself. You can read the process of programming the crystal for yourself here.


When you program or activate a crystal, you direct its energy to a specific goal you want to attain, like health, success, protection, positive energies, dispersing negative energies and more.

Crystal Programming for clients and other people:


I program crystals for the people and clients I am well acquainted with. It's a three-step process:


  • Identifying the problem, issue or goal to be achieved through the crystal with the help of the Tarot

  • Choosing the right crystal for programming based on the predictions and situation analysis


  • Programming the crystal through affirmations and visualisation

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Programming a crystal for someone else starts with selecting the right crystal. It is impossible to manifest the right future with the wrong type of crystal for a specific goal.


And to identify the right crystal for programming, it is crucial to be aware of what the other person is going through in their life, the issues they are facing in their career or relationship, and which aspect of their life they need to improve? Identifying the problem is accomplished with the Tarot's help (Read more). It helps us to look within ourselves to identify and understand our emotions and feelings, the reason behind our behaviour and the source of conflict with us.


I work as a healer in this process and use intentions, affirmations and visualisation that match with the crystal's energy to program it for my clients to improve a specific area or resolve an issue in their life. 

You can also send us your crystals/jewellery purchased earlier for fresh charging and programming. Please drop a mail at or WhatsApp us at 87430067779 with your request.

Program Crystal
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