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In-depth Tarot Reading

Get the insight and guidance you need to understand what's going on in your life and how the future unfolds. This customised, in-depth Tarot reading session will address your general as well as specific questions and concerns and help you make empowered decisions.

  • Starts with a general 3-card reading or a customised tarot spread; to set the tone for the session and understand the current situation

  • Extend the reading into a multi-card spread for more clarity as we narrow down your concerns 

  • General exploration of 2-3 general areas (work, family, health etc.) of your life

  • Shift the focus towards exploration and analysis of one area of concern, both general and specific (e.g, love life in general as well as understanding different nuances of your relationship; or: health in general and exploring into various aspects of overall well-being)

  • Look at the decision making questions or choices for specific areas of life (i.e., choosing between different career options, buying a new property, choosing one job over another)

Business/Work/Career Tarot Reading

Are you at the crossroads with your career? Wondering Tarot Reading for Business, Job and Career can help you to assess your current situation, challenges and opportunities and guide you to improve your approach, skills and augment your career growth.

  • Current status of Career, work or business.

  • Accurate insights, situational analysis, and career evaluation towards finding/changing a job or starting a new career.

  • Hidden possibilities of promotions and setbacks.

  • Challenges you may face.

  • Lessons of the past that must be learned for success.

  • Get guidance about the ideal career option

  • Get advice on how to take a decision related to work/job/career

  • Learn about your strengths, weaknesses and resources

Relationships/ Love Tarot Reading

Are you wondering if you'll ever find true love and a soul-mate? Do you want to know how to work on your relationship and make it successful?  Tarot Reading for relationships will help you find answers to these questions and any other questions you have on your mind in your quest for long-lasting love.

  • The current state of your love life/relationship and in which direction it is moving.

  • Get guidance towards your search for your soul mate.

  • Get the advice and guidance needed to put your relationship back on track

  • Get insights about the dynamics of your relationship with your partner and issues that may affect your relationship

  • Get guidance towards how you can find success on your journey toward love

  • Get help and advice in eliminating your suffering and reclaiming your life as you move on from some adverse experience

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