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  • Mini Tarot Reading

    The mini Tarot card reading will provide you an insight into your life and give you the guidance you need to make the most of the available opportunities and solutions to overcome obstacles and challenges. It is an ideal reading if you are looking to make a decision related to your career, changing a job, love, marriage. The session is designed to provide you the choices that you have, and the guidance for you to achieve the outcomes you want.

  • Relationships/ Love Tarot Reading

    Are you wondering if you'll ever find true love and a soul-mate? Do you want to know how to work on your relationship and make it successful? Tarot Reading for relationships will help you find answers to these questions and any other questions you have on your mind in your quest for long-lasting love. - The current state of your love life/relationship and in which direction it is moving. - Get guidance towards your search for your soul mate. - Get the advice and guidance needed to put your relationship back on track - Get insights about the dynamics of your relationship with your partner and issues that may affect your relationship - Get guidance towards how you can find success on your journey toward love - Get help and advice in eliminating your suffering and reclaiming your life as you move on from some adverse experience Please note that all the readings are done over phone/email.

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  • Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of August 7, 2022

    Here is the weekly Tarot horoscope for your zodiac sign. Read on to find the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week. Aries In love and relationships, change and transformation are on the cards. A breakup or a start of a new relationship- there could be a significant change that could lead to a complete transformation of your relationship. For singles, it could mean an end to being single. There will be new beginnings in the form of a new job or business opportunity. Your finances will improve, or you will get an opportunity to make more money. Use your skills and talents wisely. Taurus For those already in a relationship, your bond will get stronger and bring you closer. Act with grace and sensitivity while resolving any issue, not anger or force. If you are single, now is a great time to meet someone. Be patient and calm while dealing with the pressure. The work environment will be supportive; there will be teamwork. You will be full of ideas, and your talent will be appreciated. Finances will be stable, and joint ventures are advised. Gemini There is love, joy and happiness in relationships. There is commitment and balance in relationships and domestic affairs. You will see your relationship moving to the next level, such as commitment, marriage or starting a family. However, you will experience extremely opposing energy in your professional life. There will be some unrest and competition at your workplace. Your seniors or boss may try to dominate or control you. Watch your expenses and be judicious with money. Click here to book a personalised reading Cancer In relationships and love, there will be happiness and contentment. Follow a practical and down-to-earth approach in love. For singles, love is on its way, and you should possibly meet someone through business or work. The start of a new project or job is foreseen. You will fully use your intellect and communication skills to finish any task. You can consider further education to improve your job prospects. Leo If things have been tough in recent times, you will feel the balance is being restored, and there will be harmony at work & in relationships. Personal relationships are strong & you will be compassionate and generous with friends, family and associates. Be supportive of people around you; you will gain their support in return. You can expect a positive outcome from the initiatives taken recently. Your superiors will be happy with your effort, and a promotion or a bonus is in store for some of you. It’s time to pay attention to your finances and balance the books. Virgo In your career or work, good things are coming your way. Nurture your talents through learning & skill acquisition. It is advised that you accomplish a task or a project in a team or group. You are likely to get good advice from a senior at your workplace. This is a good time to make investments. It is an emotionally intense time for those in love. To find harmony, you must follow a moderate approach and temper your thoughts and actions. If there have been differences in your relationship or with your partner, it is time for reconciliation. Click here to book a personalised reading Libra There could be some mental stress and exhaustion. As a result, you could be expecting more from people around. Take time out to reassess and gather your thoughts. Be more communicative with your partner and express what you are feeling. In work or business, you may feel vulnerable; there could be a lack of job security or even loss of a job. Restructuring in business or moving of the premises is anticipated. Be careful with money and expenditures, and do not make any investments. Scorpio There will be love and emotional fulfilment in your relationship. Treat your partner with love and affection. If you are single, you will meet someone loving, caring, and supportive. Be flexible in matters of the heart and don't expect too much from people around you. Professionally, things will be moving in the right direction this week. There could be an important partnership or a joint venture business. Financially, it is a good time. Be more cooperative and less competitive. Sagittarius Moving away from someone close or being abandoned by someone significant is indicated. There could be arguments with a close friend or a family member. Work on resolving any negative feelings from the past if you want your current relationship to stay strong. If you have been working on a project or assignment, it will be finished and well appreciated. Take charge and control of things at work. Stand firm but be open to new ideas. Click here to book a personalised reading Capricorn You may feel deeply hurt and disheartened because of the bitter words, actions, and behaviour of someone close to you. Separation or the breakup of a significant relationship is indicated. Career-wise, this is the week of teamwork, partnerships and group ventures. Allying with a group or a partner will help you earn greater profits. Your money-related issues will be over, and your finances look in order. Aquarius There could be positive news about your relationship- a proposal or marriage. It's time to infuse some romance into your relationship. If you like someone, let them know how you feel about them. You will be full of enthusiasm to put your plan into action. However, don’t rush into action without planning. There could be a job change, or you may start a new venture. Projects will gain momentum. Money is coming in but be careful with your spending. Pisces You will have a peaceful, harmonious and wonderful time with your spouse. It’s time to indulge a little and treat yourselves. Singles may meet someone through work or business. Your hard work and labour will bear fruits. This is the week of investments and returns. Be financially responsible and good with savings. It’s time to reevaluate your work and achievements and plan the way forward. Click here to book a personalised reading. Disclaimer: Our free online Tarot card readings are for guidance purposes only. They may or may not resonate with you. We use a combination of different Tarot decks for our readings. Chhavi Tarot ranks among the top 50 Tarot blogs and websites.

  • Political Predictions for 2022

    How will 2022 be for the Indian politics? Will it be a positive and favourable year for Narendra Modi and BJP? Will Congress see a revival or debacle? Will there be a resurgence of regional parties? 2022 will be favourable for the current government. Narendra Modi and BJP will hold the reins and remain at the power centre of India’s political scene. The BJP will continue to be the single dominant force of Indian politics in 2022. Congress will suffer a setback in 2022. The year will be marked by revolt, rebellion and restructuring. Regional parties will expand and will have increased traction in their strongholds. Overall there will be political stability in the country. India will be moving towards success, growth and prosperity in multiple areas bringing a general sense of optimism. There will be a slew of courageous and path-breaking decisions. Narendra Modi’s political and social stature will strengthen in 2022, and he will continue to have a strong foothold in Indian politics. He will remain on top, and what is his will remain his for the foreseeable future. Although there will be stiff competition and hindrances, he will always have the edge. He also needs to be careful of enemies. While building new bridges, Narendra Modi will revive old connections; some of the party members who left BJP are likely to join. In addition, he will be taking measures towards growth and development in Gujarat and his constituency particularly. The position of women in the BJP Party at senior positions will get stronger, and they will play a vital role. Some of them will be elevated and occupy prominent positions and essential portfolios. Any initiative taken in 2021 by the current government will physically manifest in 2022, particularly in communication, telecommunication and satellite. 2022 will witness a fresh revival cycle in politics, with many youths coming forward and joining politics. The cards foresee a rough ride ahead for Congress in 2022. The year does not augur too well for the Congress party, and political upheaval or turmoil is foreseen. The leadership will have to face challenges, obstacles, and struggles within the party. There will be rebellion and revolution against the authority, and restructuring is likely. But, on the other hand, there is a strong indication that there will be circumstances for the leader to rethink the old beliefs and ideology and make way for the renewal and establishment of a new belief system. With regard to the regional parties, 2022 will be immensely favourable for some of the parties. The resurgence of TMC is foreseen. This year, the party will lay the foundation and prepare for the future.

  • Why has Energy Cleansing become more important than before?

    Five simple and easy ways to remove the negative energy in your home and how to invite more positive energy into our home. Looking back, everything around us has undergone a sea change since the onset of the COVID pandemic and has transformed nearly every aspect of our lives. While there has been a strong focus on cleaning and sanitising our external environment and practically everything that is touched, we have overlooked the energy that exists all around us- both positive and negative. To put it simply, raising the positive energy affects us positively and building up negative energy affects us in more ways than one. Working from home and social distancing has become the new normal, making our home environment more important than ever before. Therefore, it's essential to clear and cleanse our home of negative energies as it brings balance and harmony in our house and on a physical, mental and emotional level. Here, I am sharing five simple and easy to do ideas on how you can remove negative energy from your home: 1. Smudging (Burning dried herbs and incense) Smudging is an age-old and quick ritual to clear away the negative and unwanted energy around the house. People worldwide, irrespective of their cultures, have been burning herbs to clear negative energy. In India, the practice of using dhoop, dhoona and incense in homes and temples can be said to be the closest example of smudging. The process of burning the herbs is simple. All you have to do is burn the herb in a fire-safe container until smoke appears, set a clear intention in your mind about what you would like them to clear and then walk them through your house, covering every nook and corner and even outside the main door/gate. You can use a cow dung cake to burn herbs as it has cleansing properties. Some of the herbs that are used for clearing the negative energy are: Camphor (creates positive vibrations and neutralises negative energies) Gugal Dhoop (brings peace and tranquillity into your space and improves concentration during meditation) Frankincense or Loban (cleansing and unblocking the energy chakras, helps attract love, psychic protection, wisdom, and ease depression) White Sage (calming effect, soothes stress, improves sleep and dispels negative energy) Palo Santo (helps invoke and attract good health, love and prosperity) Sandalwood (reduces irritability and aggression, promotes compassion) 2. Crystals Using crystals directly addresses the negative energy in your home. Crystals are powerful spiritual cleansing tools that help you feel more energetic and balanced by diffusing the energy in the space where they are placed. Here are some of the crystals that can be placed in different rooms of your home to bring peace, love and tranquillity. With great grounding qualities, Black Obsidian is an excellent crystal for absorbing negative energy. You can place it near the main gate/ entrance to ward off negative energy. Rose quartz boosts love and romance and can be placed in the bedroom. Amethyst can be placed in any area of the house for its relaxing properties. It also helps in clearing your thoughts. Selenite and citrine are the other two crystals that can be used for clearing negative energy from home. 3. Sound Using sound is one of the simple yet powerful ways to remove negative energy and raise the vibration of a space. Sound carries positive and negative energy. The right sound can break the stagnancy, raise the vibrations, balance and clear blockages that stimulate positive energy. Start at your front door and move clockwise through the home, making the sound (with an instrument or clapping) till you've come the full circle or a loop. Gongs, bells, wind chimes, singing bowls, Tibetan bells, chanting and even clapping are options to cleanse the environment from negativity. Sound cleansing has been used for centuries across cultures. In India, bell (known as 'Ghanti') is found in most altars of Hindu homes. The 'Ghanti' sound is believed to remove the negative energy and attract positivity, which helps purify the house. The sound waves or the vibration created by the bell/ghanti can kill bacteria and viruses, facilitating cleansing of the home environment. Apart from the bell, the conch (shankha), considered a symbol of purity, is also used to dispel negativity. In Hinduism, Shankha is also associated with the God of Wealth, Kubera. The sound emanates from blowing it, is associated with the sacred syllable 'Om', which is believed to be the first sound of creation. The sound of the conch is the purest form of sound that brings hope and renewal of energy. 4. Salt The humble ingredient in our food has powerful spiritual cleansing properties. Salt has been used across cultures for centuries to cleanse energy and maintain a positive energy flow. It is known to have a positive impact on mood and physical health. It instantly gets a place, rid of negative vibes, and banish bad energies. Salt is associated with the happiness and prosperity of the house. In Hinduism, it is believed that Salt emanates from the body (sweat) of Lord Vishnu. In the Garuda Purana, it is stated that "Salt is at par with everything divine. It yields everything the person wishes for himself." Take a salt bath, especially when you have been around many people and feel exhausted because of the mingling of energy. Use simple sea salt and not Epsom salt for this ritual. Put Salt in small bowls and place them in the corners of your home to clear the negative energy, replacing them after 10-15 days. Make a salt spray by mixing Salt and water. Spray it around your house to say goodbye to negative vibrations. You can also add some salt to wipe your floors to clean the negativity from home. 5. De-cluttering Last but not least. Cleaning of the home starts with de-cluttering. Clean your house and de-clutter your surroundings as much as possible. Give and share what you don't use (in good condition only). Dust and dirt create stagnation and blockages, affecting positive energy flow. De-cluttering instantly makes the surrounding light in terms of energy and makes room for positive energy.

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  • Tarot Reader | Chhavi Tarot | Top Tarot Reader in India

    BOOK TAROT CONSULTATION SHOP ENERGISED HEALING CRYSTALS About CHHAVI UPADHYAY • FOUNDER CHHAVI TAROT & FIVESSENTIALS My passion and belief in Tarot as the guide to discover methods for positive changes in life and as a manifestation of self goals for an ideal future led to the initiation of the Chhavi Tarot, a platform to offer Tarot consultancy, Guidance and Healing solutions. READ MORE PREDICTION. GUIDANCE. HEALING. LET'S CONNECT Chhavi Tarot will: Understand what's going on in your life and how the future unfolds. Provide guidance & help you make informed decisions based on your current situation and future challenges and opportunities. Help you reclaim your life through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. CHHAVI UPADHYAY Services In-depth Tarot Reading ​ To address your general as well as specific questions & concerns & help you make empowered decisions. ​ Business/Work/Career Tarot Reading ​ To help you assess your current situation, challenges & opportunities & guide you to augment your career growth. ​ Relationships/ Love Tarot Reading ​ To help you find answers to the questions you have on your mind in your quest for long-lasting love. BOOK NOW "Tarot is a science of the mind. It helps us understand our emotions, the logic behind our actions, and to make informed decisions and improve our future ” ~ Chhavi Upadhyay ~ Latest Posts TIPS & NEWS FROM THE BLOG Chhavi Upadhyay 7 hours ago Tarot Card of the Day Here is the message from the Tarot Cards for today. 107 Chhavi Upadhyay 2 days ago Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of July 24, 2022 Read on to find out the insights & guidance for your zodiac sign to make the most of your opportunities & face the challenges this week. 3,903 Chhavi Upadhyay Jan 10 Political Predictions for 2022 How will 2022 be for the Indian politics? Will it be a positive year for Narendra Modi ? Which party will see a revival? Read on to find out 232 Chhavi Upadhyay Jan 6 Why has Energy Cleansing become more important than before? Five simple and easy ways to remove the negative energy in your home and how to invite more positive energy into our home. 312 Chhavi Upadhyay Nov 29, 2021 Tarot Forecast for December 2021 Tarot predictions for the month of December 2021. Read on to find out what is in store for your zodiac sign this month. 3,776 Chhavi Upadhyay Oct 28, 2021 Tarot Forecast for November 2021 Tarot predictions for the month of November 2021. Read on to find out what is in store for your zodiac sign this month. 3,647 To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  • SHIPPING & RETURNS | Chhavi Tarot

    At Chhavi Tarot, we give our customers the most honest, transparent, and enjoyable shopping experience, one that keeps them coming back to our store time and time again. That’s why we believe that our store policies should be fair, clear and transparent. Below you’ll find a list of all our policies. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for - please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Shipping OUR SHIPPING TERMS Within 2-3 days in Delhi/NCR ​ Within 7-10 business days in the rest of India We offer flat shipping of Rs. 100 within India for orders up to Rs.2100 and free shipping on orders above Rs.2100. Shipping within Delhi/NCR is free for orders above Rs. 1100 and Rs. 50 for orders under Rs. 1100. All orders are delivered within 7 to 10 business days unless of certain situations beyond our control. Most of our products are hand-crafted in small batches and energised through mantra chanting and rituals (Read about our process of energising crystals ). For any further queries, please send us an email at or a WhatsApp message at 8743006779 . Disclaimer : We use third-party service providers to ship and deliver orders. While we cannot give any assurance and warranties concerning their service, if you face any difficulty with them, please reach out to us at , and we will assist you with your shipment. Returns OUR RETURN POLICY We offer easy returns and exchanges within five days of delivery. However, after 5 days have passed since you received the order, unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you a return or exchange. To initiate the return, please send an email at or a WhatsApp message at 8743006779 with the order id, details of the products to be returned, and the reason for the return. We only replace damaged items when you got them delivered or received the wrong item. For the item to be eligible for a return or exchange, it must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. In addition, it must be in the original packaging containing invoice and other documents. If the item is used or broken and not in the original condition, it will not be liable for return or exchange. Jewellery and personal care products cannot be returned or exchanged. ​ Items on sale, special offers or discounts are not eligible for refund or exchange. Refund (if Applicable) Once your return is received and inspected, we will notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. Your refund will be processed for prepaid orders, and a credit will be applied to your credit card within 7-10 days of receiving the product. For COD orders, refunds are made only in the form of store credits. You should mail your product at K-1/12, First Floor, Chittaranjan Park, Delhi-110019. You will be paying for the shipping cost. Cancellation of Order: You will get a full refund if you cancel your order within 6-8 hours of placing the order. However, if the item has been shipped already, you will not be eligible to cancel your order. Also, the cancellation will not apply to discounted products. Please note that we do not entertain cancellation or refund for products you have ordered by mistake. We recommend that you ensure that the product, quantity and other attributes are per your requirement.


    DISCOVER OUR PROCESS If you are reading this, you love crystals as we do and might be a little curious to know what makes crystals at Chhavi Tarot unique. All the crystals and jewellery here at Chhavi Tarot are blessed in traditional Hindu rituals and prayers to imbue life and blessings into our crystals so that they reach you brimming with love, positive intentions and energy. I invite you to read below how I Charge and Program to maximize their healing abilities and magical powers. Please take a look at our collection of fully Charged and Energised crystals sorted by the healing properties or by the intention. SHOP ALL Let's start with the basics. So often, people get confused about the concepts of Cleaning, Charging and Programming . While there are numerous ways this three-step process can be done, in this article, I will only talk about the process I have been following over the years. THE THREE STEP PROCESS CLEANSING Cleansing is essential not only two get rid of physical impurities but to neutralise the energy of a crystal and prepare it for the next step, i.e. charging and activating it for a specific need or purpose. Read More CHARGING/ ENERGISING The interaction between the crystal's energy and our energy affects our vibration. It is essential to charge the crystal to infuse it with positive energies so that it works in supporting our positive intentions. Read More PROGRAMMING Giving the crystal your intention or inspiration to work for a specific purpose is called programming. A crystal needs to be Cleansed, Charged and Programmed to work at its highest performance. Read More Steps followed to CLEANSE the crystals: Since their extraction, crystals carry the energy and hold on to the vibrations of everyone who has handled it and eventually pass them on to you. So, the first step involves Surface or physical Cleaning and Energy Cleansing. Cleansing is essential not only two get rid of physical impurities but to neutralise the energy of a crystal and prepare it for the next step, i.e. charging and activating it for a specific need or purpose. Only when the crystal is clean will it be able to support your personal or environmental energy field. 1. Cleansing of Crystals with water and salt: Crystals are washed with warm water and sea salt and left overnight under the moonlight. Salt can damage or discolour some stones; therefore, we use water to clean some stones. 2. Cleansing Crystals with incense and herbs: We use herbs to clean and purify a crystal by exposing it to the smoke emanating by burning them for a few minutes. I use herbs like Sage, Gugggal (myrrh), and Lobaan (frankincense) for purification rituals. I accompany the cleansing with a prayer or chanting to make it more effective. For a crystal to work effectively, it must be energized and programmed for a specific purpose and the intended result. The two processes- Charging/energizing and Programming) must be carried out whenever you intend to use the crystals for particular purposes like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Steps followed to CHARGE/ENERGISE the crystals: Crystals, like our bodies, have their vibrations, and the interaction between the crystal's energy and our energy affects our vibration. Therefore, when these crystals come in contact with us, they tune our vibrations to a higher level and help us attract the positive changes we want in our lives. Thus, it is essential to charge the crystal to infuse it with positive energies so that it works at the highest level of its vibration and is most effective in supporting your positive intentions. 1. Charging crystals with Sun Energy: ​ Sun is strong masculine energy, and the Moon is feminine energy. Charging crystals in the Sun give them strong and vibrant energy, enhances growth in all areas of life, and fosters spirituality. I prefer to charge them on the day of 'Sankranti'- the transmigration of the Sun from one zodiac to another, by performing 'Havan' and paying obeisance to the Sun god. There are 12 Sankranthi's in a year. Known as Surya Dev in Hinduism, the Sun God is one of the most worshipped deities from the Vedic era and one of the few Gods who could be seen with eyes. The Sun symbolizes power, knowledge, and vitality, the one who dispels darkness and illuminates one's life. It doesn't take much intelligence to recognize the importance of the Sun in our lives- without Him, there would be no life on earth. ​ 2. Charging Crystals with Lunar or Moon Energy: To infuse the crystals with the Lunar or Moon Energy, on every full Moon, I place the crystals on the ground or a natural surface outside overnight under the moonlight and allow them to bathe and soak up the gentle feminine energy. According to Hindu mythology, Chandra is the God of the Moon and the father of Budha. It is believed that the Moon supports the plants and crops to grow. The Moon governs our state of mind, our thought process, emotions, and intuition. The Full Moon is a powerful time for charging the crystals because the lunar energy at this time is at its highest and can be utilized to harness the energy with positive vibrations. Moon energy works well for facilitating transitions, new beginnings, growth, optimism, and hope. Likewise, the full Moon works wonders for charging your crystals for love and abundance. 3. Charging Crystals by Mantra chanting: Mantra means a sound. Science sees that everything has a vibration, and if there is a vibration, there has to be a sound. Therefore, the whole existence is a fusion of sounds or mantras. There are different types of mantras. Every mantra activates a particular kind of energy. For example, the chanting of the Gayatri mantra brings success and happiness in life; similarly, the chanting of the Mahamrityunjya mantra (a verse from the Rig Veda) bestows longevity and courage and eliminates fears. Crystals, like our bodies, have vibrations, and the interaction between the crystal's energy and the human body's energy affects our vibration. Thus, chanting mantras breathe in and elevate the vibration and positive energy into the crystals. Steps followed to PROGRAM the crystals: Giving the crystal your intention or inspiration to work for a specific purpose is called programming. A crystal needs to be Cleansed, Charged/Energized and Activated or Programmed to work at its highest performance. A crystal can be programmed- for yourself and someone else. Crystal Programming for yourself: When you buy a crystal or a piece of jewellery from us, it is charged and comes with easy-to-do, step-by-step instructions and guidelines for programming the crystal for yourself. You can read the process of programming the crystal for yourself here. When you program or activate a crystal, you direct its energy to a specific goal you want to attain, like health, success, protection, positive energies, dispersing negative energies and more. Crystal Programming for clients and other people: I program crystals for the people and clients I am well acquainted with. It's a three-step process: Identifying the problem, issue or goal to be achieved through the crystal with the help of the Tarot ​ Choosing the right crystal for programming based on the predictions and situation analysis Programming the crystal through affirmations and visualisation Programming a crystal for someone else starts with selecting the right crystal. It is impossible to manifest the right future with the wrong type of crystal for a specific goal. And to identify the right crystal for programming, it is crucial to be aware of what the other person is going through in their life, the issues they are facing in their career or relationship, and which aspect of their life they need to improve? Identifying the problem is accomplished with the Tarot's help (Read more). It helps us to look within ourselves to identify and understand our emotions and feelings, the reason behind our behaviour and the source of conflict with us. I work as a healer in this process and use intentions, affirmations and visualisation that match with the crystal's energy to program it for my clients to improve a specific area or resolve an issue in their life. ​ You can also send us your crystals/jewellery purchased earlier for fresh charging and programming. Please drop a mail at or WhatsApp us at 87430067779 with your request.

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