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22 lessons from Major Arcana for Lockdown

A Tarot Deck comprises of 78 cards in total. These 78 cards are classified into Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards). Major Arcana depicts the journey of an individual or a soul through life starting as The Fool (young, immature, impulsive, energetic) moving through different phases of life and finding completion in The World (knowledgeable, mature, experienced, patient).

In context to the 21 days of lockdown, the 22 Major Arcana, starting with The Fool representing Day 0, the day on which lockdown was announced, to card number 21, The World, represents the last day of lockdown. The 22 Major Arcana cards are the embodiment of the spiritual lessons an individual is meant to learn in a lifetime. They show us a path to spiritual self-awareness and represent various phases we come across as we search for greater meaning and understanding. Therefore, the Major Arcana cards hold significant lessons on a soul level.

March 24, 2020. Day 0: The card for day 0, which is the day of announcement of 21 days of lockdown, is The Fool. The theme of the card is to let go and accept what's coming your way but plan carefully. The road that lies ahead is full of challenges, but if you plan correctly, you will be able to cover this journey smoothly. The Fool in the picture is shown carrying a small bag carries, which symbolizes that he is moving on with only the essentials. So the message it conveys is that right now is not the time to enjoy the luxuries and comforts of life but focus only on the basics and essentials. Despite being standing at the edge of the cliff, there is a certain amount of calmness on his face. The Fool is urging us to stay calm and not get anxious but take on each day as it comes. In the time of crisis, there are two things you need to focus on- only essentials and being grounded.

March 25, 2020. Day 1: The card for day 1 of lockdown is The Magician. The theme of the card is resourcefulness and strength. The Magician’s resources include all the four elements (Earth, Air, Water & Fire) and are represented by four suite symbols i.e., Pentacles, Sword, Cup, and Wand. The Magician and his pose imply that he takes all the four elements to create the quintessential fifth element i.e., spirit/soul. It reassures you that you have all the strength and resources to deal with the crisis and situation at hand. The Magician is represented by the fifth element- ether/space. The fifth element is represented by the infinity symbol and of a snake. In Hindu mythology, god Shiva wears a snake which represents fearlessness and power. So, this card encourages you to be fearless and strong in the face of this adversity that has befallen the entire humankind. It reminds us to be strong and fearless. The infinity symbol signifies balance and renewal. The card invites us to remain grounded and balanced in the material world. You have all the strength and power you need is in your hand!

March 26, 2020. Day 2: The card for day 2 of lockdown is The High Priestess. The theme of the card is to listen to your inner self and explore your spiritual side. This is the time to go inwards and nurture a relationship with your higher self. The veil behind the High Priestess signifies the world beyond the material values; the card urges you to think beyond the material world and earthly relationships. It means quiet time and being patient. The High Priestess is holding a scroll which symbolizes spiritual knowledge or reading some sacred text. Today is a good day to spend some time planning for something you have been nurturing for some time while being patient. Right now, you just need to look inwards, connect with your higher self, and listen to your intuition.

March 27, 2020. Day 3: The card for day 3 of lockdown is The Empress. The theme of the card is love, harmony, and generosity. The card reminds us to stay connected to our roots even as we live in a material world. In this challenging time, we must show and express love and affection to our near and dear ones. It is time to bring harmony within the family and at home and draw emotional support from each other. The card encourages us to show compassion and generosity towards those in need. In relation to the Hindu mythology, the Empress is the all nurturing mother goddess Parvati- the progenitor of all other Goddesses.

It is said, the greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing!

March 28, 2020. Day 4: The card for day 4 of lockdown is The Emperor. The theme of the card is to take control of your emotions and situation in a positive way. By taking control does not imply being authoritative but following a balanced approach. Keep your vision clear, stay organized. The Emperor’s armour suggests that he is fully geared, and security is his priority, but his calm expressions embody a certain level of poise and calm. The card indicates that the problems can be overcome with careful planning and focus. Seek support from someone or people you trust, it will help you give mental stability and assurance.

March 29, 2020. Day 5: The card for Day 5 of lockdown is The Hierophant. The theme of the card is to nurture your spiritual wisdom and make the most of your blessings. This is the time for spiritual awareness, and connect with the higher self, nurturing your talents through learning & skill acquisition. In relation to Hindu mythology, the triple crown and the triple crosses on the staff of the Hierophant represent the Hindu triumvirate consisting of three gods- Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver), and Shiva (destroyer). Brahma is the mind, Vishnu, the spirit/soul, and Shiva the body.

March 30, 2020. Day 6: The card for Day 6 of lockdown is The Lovers. The theme of the card is partnership, love, and harmony. Strengthen your bond by doing things together, helping & emotionally supporting each other. The card urges you to love yourself and those who love you. Listen to your heart because what you do now will have a long-term effect on your relationship with your partner and family. It is time to focus on the real emotional needs of love and respect and believe in the healing power of love.

March 31, 2020. Day 7: The card for Day 7 of lockdown is The Chariot. The theme of the card is that you have the determination, will power and resolve to handle this situation. The road that lies ahead is challenging, but you now have the courage and determination to face it. Stay focussed and confident in your ability to handle tough circumstances. In the card, you will notice the symbol of Shiva (linga), symbolizing determination, and victory. The crescent moon on both the shoulders signifies that you will have protection in these challenging times. All you need right now is the determination and will power to move forward and sail through!

April 1, 2020. Day 8: The card for Day 8 of lockdown is Strength. The theme of the card is determination, patience, and courage. With courage & patience, you will handle the most precarious situations. It's time to balance your emotions & resolve differences gently & not by force. In relation to Hindu mythology, the woman & the lion in the picture denote Goddess Durga. Lion symbolizes power, anger animalistic tendencies. The woman with the infinity symbol over her head exudes balance & calm, reminding us to control these tendencies & not getting controlled by them. Seize the power that lies within you to create a life you want!

April 2, 2020. Day 9: The card for Day 9 of lockdown is The Hermit. The theme of the card is self exploration, silence & alone time. Spend some time alone with yourself. The card show self healing & guiding others. This is not a time for taking a decision or action. Do not rush into things, take time & go slow. There is hope and guidance, all you have to do is look for it!

April 3, 2020. Day 10: The card for Day 10 of lockdown is The Wheel of Fortune. The card represents Karma & the cyclic nature of fortune. The wheel is always turning & reminds us the law of Karma is at play; what goes around comes around. The card suggests that your situation is influenced by factors that are not in your control. It reminds us to make the most of this time & enjoy what you have at the moment because it will soon change. This is the time to reconnect with your family and friends, be kind & loving. If it is positive emotions of love, kindness & compassion that you emit, it is what you will get in return!

April 4, 2020. Day 11: The card for Day 11 of lockdown is Justice. The card represents balance and the right values. Justice shows karma at work, and you will be accountable for your actions. You must listen to the advice of those you respect. The scales in the picture represent balance, and the sword symbolizes the mind and clear thinking. Try to find a balance between your emotions and practical issues. Right now is the time to make the decision through logic and not emotions. Talk to your friends and family and resolve old differences or disputes. Right actions & values bring great rewards!

April 5, 2020. Day 12: The card for Day 12 of lockdown is The Hanged Man. The theme of the card is to be patient & use your time wisely to introspect. The man in the picture is hung upside down shows that there is more than one way of looking at things; you must look at things from a different perspective. Despite being tied up, his face appears perfectly calm tells us that sometimes it is best not to struggle & rather wait for the situation to unfold before taking any action. Cut through the illusion & access deeper spiritual connection!

April 6, 2020. Day 13: The card for Day 13 of lockdown is Death. The card reminds us to embrace the change that is happening in our lives with courage. It is just about accepting the change, neither ignoring it nor giving up. Only with an end comes the new beginnings. It is time to complete the pending tasks and to move forward. It signifies the need to let go of old beliefs & starting afresh.

April 7, 2020. Day 14: The card for Day 14 of lockdown is Temperance. The card tells us to maintain sobriety & calmness amid the rough times that we all are experiencing these days, to find & restore balance & harmony. It signifies the right alignment of your mind, body, and soul. Follow a moderate approach avoiding any extremes. The situation might be volatile, but you need to balance your thought & actions to bring tranquility & stability.

April 8, 2020. Day 15: The card for Day 15 of lockdown is The Devil. This is a card of greed, materialism & temptation. It shows the shadow side of ours. The recent instances of hoarding & panic buying clearly exemplifies the true meaning of this card. You will notice, the chains by which the man & the woman in the picture are bound, are loose & could easily be removed. It implies that you can anytime snap these bonds of greed, materialism, temptation & additions if you want & be free.

April 9, 2020. Day 16: The card for Day 16 of lockdown is The Tower. It represents chaos, upheaval & surrender. You will notice in the picture that the Tower, which is a strong structure, is struck & shaken with a bolt of lightning. In today's context, it implies that when nature strikes, even the strongest surrender or collapse. Nothing works in front of God/nature's will. It is the strongest. In a spiritual context, the Tower symbolizes the ending of old & false beliefs. It encourages us to rethink our whole belief system & let go of negative emotions like ego, arrogance & authoritativeness. While the card represents the destruction of old beliefs, it is followed by the renewal and establishment of a new belief system and self-awareness.

April 10, 2020. Day 17: The card for Day 17 of lockdown is The Star. It is a card of hope & spiritual connection. The card represents healing & spiritual well-being. The seven stars in the picture symbolize seven chakras, and the big Star indicates hope and guidance. It brings the message of renewed hope and faith and that no matter what life throws your way, you know that you are always connected to the divine. It’s time to appreciate everything you have in life, including your family, friends, work, health. Nurture your soul and your body with pure loving energy to feel the connection with the divine. The Star also indicates creativity, so bring out your artistic flair and create something amazing today!

April 11, 2020. Day 18: The card for Day 18 of lockdown is The Moon. It is a card of illusion, emotional vulnerability & fear of the unknown. Everything that you see in a situation is not how it appears. The card tells you not to let fear, self-doubt or anxiety overpower & overwhelm you because it may lead to emotional unrest and mental turmoil. Take note of your dreams and pay attention to intuitive messages. Some quiet time and meditation will help you in dealing with emotional stress & vulnerability while easing your fears and anxieties.

April 12, 2020. Day 19: The card for Day 19 of lockdown is The Sun. The Sun is a symbol of energy, growth, happiness & consciousness. Unlike the moon, which only reflects light, Sun illuminates itself & nurtures life. The card reminds us to be like Sun that gives hope & light to the world. It tells us to be like the child in the picture; innocent, pure, simple, fully aware of ourself & our place in the universe. In a spiritual context, the Sun is a card of contentment and enlightenment. The card is represented by the Solar plexus chakra for physical health and wisdom. Spend 10 minutes in meditation today, concentrating on this chakra.

April 13, 2020. Day 20: The card for Day 20 of lockdown is Judgement. Let go of the past; assess, learn, move forward. The card tells you to consider your past and assess your actions to use the lessons you have learned to move forward. It signifies spiritual awakening and entering into a new consciousness. The card also indicates reconnecting with someone you love, living abroad.

April 14, 2020. Day 21: The card for Day 21, last day of lockdown, is The World. The card marks the completion of a journey and also new beginnings. In the last 21 days, you have endured an emotional, physical & financial tough time & learned some lessons. These days were not easy, but you will find you are now in tune with your higher self and ready to explore new spiritual horizons. It’s time to tell the world about the knowledge and experience that you have gained. Share your experience, and one thought that helped you stay strong and going.


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