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5 Easy Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

Five simple and easy ways to remove the negative energy in your home and how to invite more positive energy into your home.

Looking back, everything around us has undergone a sea change since the onset of the COVID pandemic and has transformed nearly every aspect of our lives.

While there has been a strong focus on cleaning and sanitising our external environment and practically everything touched, we have overlooked the energy that exists all around us- both positive and negative. Simply put, raising positive energy affects us positively and building up negative energy affects us in more ways than one.

Working from home and social distancing has become the new normal, making our home environment more important than ever. Therefore, it's essential to clear and cleanse our home of negative energies as it brings balance and harmony to our house on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Here, I am sharing five simple and easy-to-do ideas on how you can remove negative energy from your home:

1. Smudging (Burning dried herbs and incense)

Smudging is an age-old and quick ritual to clear away the negative and unwanted energy around the house. People worldwide, irrespective of their cultures, have been burning herbs to clear negative energy. In India, the practice of using dhoop, dhoona and incense in homes and temples can be said to be the closest example of smudging.

The process of burning the herbs is simple. All you have to do is burn the herb in a fire-safe container until smoke appears, set a clear intention in your mind about what you would like them to clear and then walk them through your house, covering every nook and corner even outside the main door/gate. You can use a cow dung cake to burn herbs as it has cleansing properties.

Some of the herbs that are used for clearing the negative energy are:

  • Camphor (creates positive vibrations and neutralises negative energies)

  • Gugal Dhoop (brings peace and tranquillity into your space and improves concentration during meditation)

  • Frankincense or Loban (cleansing and unblocking the energy chakras, helps attract love, psychic protection, wisdom, and ease depression)

  • White Sage (calming effect, soothes stress, improves sleep and dispels negative energy)

  • Palo Santo (helps invoke and attract good health, love and prosperity)

  • Sandalwood (reduces irritability and aggression, promotes compassion)

2. Crystals

Using crystals directly addresses the negative energy in your home. Crystals are powerful spiritual cleansing tools that help you feel more energetic and balanced by diffusing the energy in the space where they are placed. Here are some crystals that can be placed in different rooms of your home to bring peace, love and tranquillity.

  • With great grounding qualities, Black Obsidian is an excellent crystal for absorbing negative energy. You can place it near the main gate/ entrance to ward off negative energy.

  • Rose quartz boosts love and romance and can be placed in the bedroom.

  • Amethyst can be placed in any area of the house for its relaxing properties. It also helps in clearing your thoughts.

  • Selenite and citrine are the other two crystals that can clear negative energy from home.

3. Sound

Using sound is one of the simple yet powerful ways to remove negative energy and raise the vibration of a space. Sound carries positive and negative energy. The right sound can break the stagnancy, raise the vibrations, balance and clear blockages that stimulate positive energy. Start at your front door and move clockwise through the home, making the sound (with an instrument or clapping) till you've come full circle or a loop.

  • Gongs, bells, wind chimes, singing bowls, Tibetan bells, chanting, and clapping are options to cleanse the environment from negativity.

  • Sound cleansing has been used for centuries across cultures. In India, a bell (known as 'Ghanti') is found in most altars of Hindu homes. The 'Ghanti' sound is believed to remove negative energy and attract positivity, which helps purify the house. The sound waves or the vibration created by the bell/ghanti can kill bacteria and viruses, facilitating the cleansing of the home environment.

  • Apart from the bell, the conch (shankha), considered a symbol of purity, is also used to dispel negativity. In Hinduism, Shankha is also associated with the God of Wealth, Kubera. The sound emanating from blowing is associated with the sacred syllable 'Om', believed to be the first sound of creation. The sound of the conch is the purest form of sound that brings hope and energy renewal.

4. Salt

The humble ingredient in our food has powerful spiritual cleansing properties. Salt has been used across cultures for centuries to cleanse energy and maintain a positive energy flow. It is known to have a positive impact on mood and physical health. It instantly gets a place, gets rid of negative vibes, and banishes bad energies. Salt is associated with the happiness and prosperity of the house.

In Hinduism, it is believed that Salt emanates from the body (sweat) of Lord Vishnu. In the Garuda Purana, it is stated that "Salt is at par with everything divine. It yields everything the person wishes for himself."

  • Take a salt bath, especially when you have been around many people and feel exhausted because of energy mingling. Use simple sea salt and not Epsom salt for this ritual.

  • Put Salt in small bowls and place them in the corners of your home to clear the negative energy, replacing them after 10-15 days.

  • Make a salt spray by mixing Salt and water. Spray it around your house to say goodbye to negative vibrations.

  • You can also add salt to your floors to clean the negativity from home.

5. De-cluttering

Last but not least. Cleaning of the home starts with de-cluttering. Clean your house and de-clutter your surroundings as much as possible. Give and share what you don't use (in good condition only).

Dust and dirt create stagnation and blockages, affecting positive energy flow. De-cluttering instantly makes the surrounding light in terms of energy and makes room for positive energy.