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Aquarius 2021 Predictions


This is the year of action, driving your plans forward, taking new initiatives, and broadening your horizons. There will be new beginnings in the form of a new job a business opportunity. You will get an opportunity to make more money. You will have the resources, will power and motivation to attain your goals. Utilise your intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual power to be successful. Whatever the situation, make the most of your skills and talent and capitalise on your strengths to manifest your desires. Trust your wisdom, make a plan and take action.

Finance/ Money

There will be is financial prosperity, material comforts, security, and your projects will thrive. You will be resourceful and will be able to financially help or support other. A mature and supportive woman around you with a nurturing influence will offer financial guidance and help you take wise decisions related to money and investments. You will be able to come up with innovative ideas and methods to manage your finances, property and money. It is a good time to make investments & there will be abundance; don’t forget to share with those in need.


It is time to take your relationship to the next level. However, there is a need to work on strengthening your bond, infuse some excitement and romance, take a break from the routine, and spend some quality moments with your partner. You can also look at trying to do something as a couple. For singles, a new romantic partnership is foreseen. You may have a decision or a choice to make like choosing between lovers.


Positive things are likely to happen on the home and family front. If someone close in the family has suffered from ill health, they will recover and return to good health. There will be some good developments or news around children. You will feel comfortable and secure in your home. You will be spending time with your family and the relationships will bloom.


Any health related issues will be resolved and there will be an improvement in health and overall energy levels. It’s a good time for the couples looking at starting a family. There could be positive news related to pregnancy, birth or motherhood.


You may have lost your focus on the spiritual path because of the duties and responsibilities towards you work and family. You are carrying too much on your shoulders that you have lost sight of your spiritual goals. However, you can get back on track with careful management of time and resources.


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