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Pisces 2021 Predictions


With respect work and career, this year could prove to be tough for you. It could imply loss of job because of severing of relationships with coworkers or senior. Lookout for sign of being overworked to the level of exhaustion and burnout. If you are in a business, it could signify losses or failure and even backstabbing by business associates or partners. Be extremely careful with your finances and do not make any major investments.

Finance/ Money

Your financial struggle will be over soon and you will be rewarded for your efforts and hard work. You will be working towards building financial security and bringing your material and financial goals on track. You can consider learning or acquiring a skill to improve your qualifications that will help you improve your monetary situation. Guidance from someone with financial background and expertise can help you understand money and asset management.


This is the year of deeper love and commitments. Relationship with your partner will strengthen and you will be spending time together which will raise your spirits. There could be celebration in the family such as engagement, marriage or other events that will bring you closer. Your partner will be supportive and there will be light, enjoyable moments, a bit of indulgence. If you are single, you will find someone, a good friendship may turn into love/romance or someone from your past may reappear.


There will be happiness, positivity and respect in relationships. Your relationship with the family members will deepen and there will better communication and deeper understanding within the family. There will be some positive developments on the home front like renovation, sale or purchase or house etc. You will be able to learn from a wise, mature and experienced elder in the family.


You need to take care of your health this year. Watch out for sudden illness, mental/emotional issues like grief or sadness. If you have been experiencing health issues, you must make immediate corrections and consult a doctor or get regular medical checkups. Be mindful of your safety and consciously stay clear of dangerous situations and do not attempt any act without considering the consequences.


There may be insecurities, blockages and negative thoughts that are pushing you back and stopping you from moving forward on your spiritual path. You may be experiencing stress and anxiety because of which you may feel overwhelmed and off track. Practicing meditation regularly, not overthinking and fixing sleep patterns will help you stay grounded and balanced.

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