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Cancer 2021 Predictions


Watch out for negative associations, temptations, and excessive materialism. You may feel enslaved or stuck in your job or career with no option but to stay. Relations with your colleagues may be difficult and tense. Someone in your workplace, business partner or client may try to dominate or steer the situation. Be cautious with your finances as difficult situation is foreseen as a result of overspending and indulgence. Spend wisely and stay away from gambling, impulsive buying or investments.

Finance/ Money

In terms of finances, there may be some dissatisfaction and you may feel that things are getting stagnant and not growing or giving results. You may be too busy brooding over what you don’t have, comparing yourself with others or what you may have missed, that you ignore the opportunities that may come your way. Be mindful to the opportunities and inspiration around you, open up and things will improve. Focus on what you have and what you can achieve rather than what you don’t.


You may feel burdened with duties and responsibilities of work, finances, career that you may find it difficult to make room for love and romance. If you are close to your partner, share your worries, it will ease your burden and bring you more closer. Alternately, you could be tired of carrying the load of the relationship and trying to make it work. Work towards resolving the issues or grudges that you might be carrying from the past. Love is not a duty or an obligation; add some fun and excitement to your relationship for it to grow.


Communication within the family and with the partner will improve. However, there may be a need to resolve a conflict or doubts that may exist within the family. Do not involve other people or allow others to interfere in your family matters/ problems; resolve the issues and differences within the family among yourself. Be practical but also be understanding and compassionate.


Your health will be normal this year and there will be quick recovery from any illness or injury, if any. You will be making changes in your lifestyle and choosing an active way of life including exercise and healthy eating habits in your routine. However, if there is any medical ailment that you have been ignoring then you must attend to it without any delays.


You must let go of any negative feelings, thoughts and attitude towards life. Let go of negative thinking and change the way you look at things in order to connect better with the spiritual world and the higher consciousness. Also, you will be well harnessed and protected so do not struggle against the circumstances, accept and wait your things to unfold before you take any action.


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