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Career and business predictions for 2021


In career, you will overcome a difficult time & move towards something better. The stressful period in your work or career may be getting over and it will become calmer. If your work life has been turbulent it will get under control. This year, you will be able to overcome difficulties and accomplish your goals and finish task with ease. There could be a change of job or improvement in the position that you are better suited for.


At work, your position will improve, and if things have been tough in recent times, you will feel the balance is being restored, there will be harmony at work. You may get to work on a project or assignment you have been yearning to work on. If there were any conflicts, you should make an effort to resolve them amicably. You may look at seeking advice from seniors at your workplace to improve your output and performance at work. Be supportive of your colleagues, and you will gain their support in return.


In work and business, new partnerships and beginning of a new project is foreseen. If you have been planning to do something, now is the time to make plans and move forward. Your colleagues and people around you will be supportive. You may have a decision to make between staying in your current job/position and taking up a new job. There will be financial stability, but you must explore the available opportunities and broaden your horizon.


Watch out for negative associations, temptations, and excessive materialism. You may feel enslaved or stuck in your job or career with no option but to stay. Relations with your colleagues may be difficult and tense. Someone in your workplace, business partner or client may try to dominate or steer the situation. Be cautious with your finances as difficult situation is foreseen as a result of overspending and indulgence. Spend wisely and stay away from gambling, impulsive buying or investments.


There may be delays and postponement of projects and plans. Position at the workplace will be stable; but there are little chances of a promotion or job change. Keep your counsel and don’t share your plans. This year, you may feel drawn towards research and development related profession or courses. At work, see if you can take a different approach towards completing your task at hand. Focus on preparing and planning well before taking any action. Your colleagues may look up to you for support; a mentor may guide and help you make decisions.


Stress in your current position or your role in the organization may not give you satisfaction, and you may feel that it is not what you love doing at all. There could also be difficulty in finding a new job, loss of a job, financial loss. You may notice a shift of attitude of your team members towards you, a sense of being left alone. Seek support and advice from those in a similar position.


This year will bring a change in your career/ job, whether you want it or not. If you are unhappy with your current job, you may look at taking up a new job or a change of role. In case you have been thinking of starting something a new business or a venture, it’s time to give it a serious thought and take the plunge. This change or transition could be difficult however, it would be best to embrace it and make a fresh start instead of resisting and making the transition more difficult.


Everything will be going mostly fine in business and career. The work environment will be supportive; there will be teamwork and security. You will be full of ideas and enthusiasm, and your talent will be appreciated. If you have been working on a project, you will achieve an important milestone. Pat your back and step back to enjoy what you have attained before you embark on accomplishing the next goal. You may find yourself getting involved in community work on local issues.


If you have worked hard, your efforts will pay. You will be working hard this year and your work or profession will be demanding & exhausting. So, use your energy wisely, plan meticulously to see you through. You may feel fatigued but you will have the courage & perseverance to fight & move forward. Don’t give up as your challenges are temporary and victory will be yours. Surround yourself with those who support you.


This year you will be juggling between tasks and trying to find a balance between work and personal life. You may have to make a decision related to job, career or money management. It could mean starting a business or leaving the current job but you could be unsure about the decision. If you are looking for a job change, you may choose between two jobs or two different positions. There may be some temporary cash flow issues, but it could be managed if you pay close attention to your expenditures. You need to readjust your focus and see that you are spending time and resources on something of long-term value.


This is the year of action, driving your plans forward, taking new initiatives, and broadening your horizons. There will be new beginnings in the form of a new job a business opportunity. You will get an opportunity to make more money. You will have the resources, will power and motivation to attain your goals. Utilise your intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual power to be successful. Whatever the situation, make the most of your skills and talent and capitalise on your strengths to manifest your desires. Trust your wisdom, make a plan and take action.


With respect work and career, this year could prove to be tough for you. It could imply loss of job because of severing of relationships with coworkers or senior. Lookout for sign of being overworked to the level of exhaustion and burnout. If you are in a business, it could signify losses or failure and even backstabbing by business associates or partners. Be extremely careful with your finances and do not make any major investments.


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