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Family and Home predictions for 2021


There could be some restlessness, discontentment or a bit of detachment at the home front. This is the year of strengthening your bond with your family. Work on realigning your relationship with your close ones, take break from the routine, take a trip together, inject some excitement, and spend some quality moments with each other. Communicate with your children and allow them to express themselves.


For homemakers and those who multitask, consider saying no, and seek support from others in the family. Do not overwork or exhaust yourself. You may be weighing yourself down with demands and responsibilities that you lose the sight of the reason you’re doing the work. You may also be carrying issues or grudges from the past and it would be best to resolve them.


There will be better bonding among the family members but avoid judging each other over petty things. Keep communication within the family and with the members open and ensure you are aware of each other’s needs. If there are any difference within the family, work towards reconciliation. You may revisit an old relationship or friendship and decide if it is worth giving a try again. But before you make a decision, you must assess past issues, evaluate and review the past experiences.


Communication within the family and with the partner will improve. However, there may be a need to resolve a conflict or doubts that may exist within the family. Do not involve other people or allow others to interfere in your family matters/ problems; resolve the issues and differences within the family among yourself. Be practical but also be understanding and compassionate.


The relationship within the family will be cordial and spending time with people you love will raise your energy levels. There could be celebration in the family such as engagement, marriage or other events to celebrate with your family. Your family will be supportive and there will be light, enjoyable moments, a bit of indulgence. However, be careful that you don't spend too much on the celebrations and indulgence.


Things will be mostly fine on the home front. This year, your focus will be on working hard towards achieving a financially secure and stable future for your family. You may consider making some investments for the security of your family. But make sure that you balance work with family life and spend quality time with your partner and family.


There will be stability, harmony, compatibility, and comfort in within the family. Love, contentment and happiness in the family are foreseen. Try to surround yourself by friends, family, and those who raise your spirits, creating fond memories. It is an emotionally fulfilling year. Nurture your connection with children and the older members of the family. This is a great time for couples as well as those planning to settle down or have children.


There will be excitement and fun-filled environment at home. You may consider adapting a new way of living and feeling young. Some of you may take up educational courses. Children and younger members in your family will play an important role. Travelling with family for leisure is also indicated.


There will be strong connections, understanding, and groundedness in relationships. Formalisation of marriage or engagement of someone in the family is also foreseen. You could be taking part in some sort of traditional ceremony or ritual. There will be a better understanding between you and your family members, and you will be on the same page. Nurture your core values, family beliefs, and make the most of your blessings. An older member of the family will play the role of a mentor and a guide and will offer you guidance and help you make the right decisions.


There could be some conflict, and challenges to your position in the family often leading to defeat. There are chances of serious arguments, tension and conflicts within the family or with a member due to a lack of communication. You may face a situation where someone in the family will try to outwit you and will be adamant to prove you wrong. Alternately, it could also be you who may try to overpower and create a dispute within the family. The advice is to stay calm and hold yourself back even if you feel the need to fight back. Accept your defeat, learn from it and move forward.


Positive things are likely to happen on the home and family front. If someone close in the family has suffered from ill health, they will recover and return to good health. There will be some good developments or news around children. You will feel comfortable and secure in your home. You will be spending time with your family and the relationships will bloom.


There will be happiness, positivity and respect in relationships. Your relationship with the family members will deepen and there will better communication and deeper understanding within the family. There will be some positive developments on the home front like renovation, sale or purchase or house etc. You will be able to learn from a wise, mature and experienced elder in the family.


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