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Don't get confused with birth; Oh Mother, you are the Earth!

Chhavi Upadhyay, Founder- Chhavi Tarot
Chhavi Upadhyay

Saluting the nurturing spirit of motherhood in every woman & not just a mother. It is Mother’s Day today, and while we celebrate and wish each other, let’s not forget the fact that every woman is a mother inside. Giving birth and bringing a life to this world alone does not make you a mother. It is a woman who makes a mother, motherhood is just a part of being a woman. Ever wondered why we use the prefix, Mother, before ‘Earth’ and ‘Nature’?. It is their life-giving & nurturing facets.

Every woman who loves, cares, provides, protects, and nurtures is a mother. You could be a Mother to your father, brother, friend, neighbour, or a total stranger.

Every woman is a mother, whether she gives birth or not. Period. It is you who the world needs- A Woman. From one woman to the other!


Unknown member
May 10, 2020

Happy mother's day 🙏🙂🙂


Well said Chhavi.. only being a mom with kids doesn’t make you a mother.. We all are moms with or without them.. we love and we nurture it’s in our dna..

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