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Tarot and Numerology: What do numbers in Tarot mean?

Chhavi Tarot and Numerology
Tarot and Numerology: What do numbers in Tarot mean?

The Minor Arcana suit comprises of 56 cards; organised into 4 Suits – Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands. Each suite of 16 cards each numbered from one (ace) through 10, and four Court cards: Page, Knight, Queen, and King. Here, we will take a look at the numbered cards, from the Ace to Ten and common energies they share irrespective of their suits.

Chhavi Tarot, Meaning of Aces
Aces : New beginnings, opportunity, potential, new horizons, new projects, action.

Ace of Cups: Love, relationships, fertility

Ace of Pentacles: Money, success, prosperity, property

Ace of Swords: Clear thinking & decision-making, new ideas, mental agility

Ace of Wands: Career, growth, travel, creativity, ambition

Chhavi Tarot, Numerology
Twos: Balance, partnership, decision-making, duality, choices

Two of Cups: Love, harmony, partnerships, balance, negotiation

Two of Pentacles: Decision-making, effort to balance, money management

Two of Swords: Decision-making, impasse, time to think, not to act in impulse

Two of Wands: Partnership, plans, beginning of new project, moving forward

Chhavi Tarot, Numerology
Threes: Creativity, groups, growth, social

Three of Cups: Celebration, friendship, abundance, prosperity, family

Three of Pentacles: Appreciation, success, creativity

Three of Swords: Heartbreak, sorrow, breakup, betrayal, disloyalty

Three of Wands: Action, execution of plans, travel, plans take shape

Chhavi Tarot, Numerology
Fours: Structure, stability, manifestation, foundation

Four of Cups: Boredom, lack of inspiration, restlessness

Four of Pentacles: Stability, security, satisfaction, value for money

Four of Swords: Time out, rest, recovery from stress, break from work or relationship

Four of Wands: Happiness, success, celebration, vitality, new ideas, new partner

Chhavi Tarot, Numerology
Fives: Change, instability, conflict

Five of Cups: Loss, grief, upset, disappointment, breakup, loss of status/money

Five of Pentacles: Financial loss, emotional hardship, loss of job or relationship

Five of Swords: Dispute, conflict, defeat, challenge to position, ego

Five of Wands: Competition, difference of opinion, disagreement, strong opinion

Chhavi Tarot, Numerology
Sixes: Communication, cooperation, harmony, alignment

Six of Cups: Harmony, reconciliation, happy memories, reconnecting with friends

Six of Pentacles: Improvement in finance, clearing debts, receiving monetary help

Six of Swords: Moving away from a situation towards peace & harmony

Six of Wands: Triumph, success, fame, recognition, promotion, support, celebration

Chhavi Tarot, Numerology
Sevens: Reflection, assessment, knowledge

Seven of Cups: Opportunities, choices, confusions, dreams

Seven of Pentacles: Work & action, focus, saving, potential for success

Seven of Swords: Theft, fraud, selfishness, dishonesty, intrusion into your space

Seven of Wands: Challenges, obstacles, holding your ground, negotiations

Chhavi Tarot, Numerology
Eights: Mastery, action, accomplishment

Eight of Cups: Restlessness, departure, lack of satisfaction, leaving a situation

Eight of Pentacles: Mastery, hard work, dedication, education

Eight of Swords: Loans, restrictions, isolation, humiliation, ignored

Eight of Wands: Positive news, travel, progress in projects, communication

Chhavi Tarot, Numerology
Nines: Fruition, attainment, fulfilment

Nine of Cups: Contentment, dream come true, fruition, growth, happiness

Nine of Pentacles: Financial stability, success, comfort, accomplishment

Nine of Swords: Anxiety, depression, stress, sleeplessness, unhappiness

Nine of Wands: Hard work, strong position, defense, endured challenges

Chhavi Tarot, Numerology
Tens: Completion, end of a cycle, renewal

Ten of Cups: Prosperity, contentment, family, peace, harmony, togetherness

Ten of Pentacles: Family, property, love, inheritance, support

Ten of Swords: End, inevitable change, unavoidable breakups, job or business loss

Ten of Wands: Responsibilities, burden, time & resource management


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