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Tarot message for the Week of December 21, 2020

Here is the message the Tarot has for you for the week of December 21, 2020, giving you insights to make the most of your opportunities and guidance to face the challenges & obstacles.

When Five of Pentacles show up in a reading, it represents temporary financial hardship, loss, and emotional distress. You may feel isolated, everything, and everybody may seem to be going against you and as if nothing is going your way.

Try to look for support from people in a similar position and reaching out for help from people around you. Remember, there is help; it could be in the form of emotional support or financial assistance from friends or family or even advice from a stranger. Consider new options and resources that may help you to move forward and overcome this situation. Good or bad, nothing lasts forever, and this too shall pass. More than the actual loss, it is the fear of financial loss, isolation, lack of security that may trouble you.

In love and relationship, see if you or your partner are feel ing lonely, isolated, and exhausted. Consider giving attention to your partner and your relationship so that it moves forward and grows.

In a business or career, the Five of Pentacles represent a loss of a job, financial loss, difficulty in finding a new job. It could also mean the stress in your current position, and or you may be feeling left out in your current workplace. Whatever be the situation, it is temporary, so look for support from colleagues and try finding an alternative approach. In the context of money and cash flow, you might find it to be a little tight, so curb expenditures and spend wisely.

This is a generic tarot reading to tell you about the collective energies & consciousness for the week of December 21.

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