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Tarot message for the Week of November 30, 2020

Here is the message the Tarot has for you for the week of November 30, 2020, giving you insights to make the most of your opportunities and guidance to face the challenges & obstacles.

The Moon is a card of illusion, emotional vulnerability & fear of the unknown. Everything that you see in a situation is not how it appears. The card tells you not to let fear, self-doubt or anxiety overpower & overwhelm you because it may lead to emotional unrest and mental turmoil.

There could be a painful memory that is causing emotional stress that has been pushed down into your subconscious. Its time to connect with your subconscious and be guided by you unconscious to take a conscious decision towards dealing with your emotions.

The card invites you to delve deeper into your innermost thoughts and feelings, to find the real cause of unrest and address any underlying fear or anxiety that is affecting you and holding you back. Don’t let you fears come in between your healing process. Your past experiences affect your emotions in the present and the future.

This card can also indicate a time of uncertainty, making it important to be wise when making decisions and ensuring that you have all the information needed to choose wisely. Look beyond what is available to you. Let your intuition & senses rather than logic & intellect guide you towards higher level of consciousness and understanding. Be guided by the messages from your dreams and listen to your intuitive messages.

Some quiet time and meditation will help you in dealing with emotional stress & vulnerability while easing your fears and anxieties.

This is a generic tarot reading to tell you about the collective energies & consciousness for the week of November 30- December 6.

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