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Tarot Forecast for December 2021

Tarot predictions for the month of December 2021. Read on to find out what is in store for your zodiac sign this month.


After the positive energy of November, you may feel negative emotions due to some emotional loss, breakup, or disappointment. There could be arguments with a close friend or a family member. In relationships, there could be breakups and heartbreaks. Work on resolving any negative feelings from the past, if you want your current relationship to stay strong & move forward. At work, you may face disappointment and feel upset over some confusion or arguments. Leaving a job, financial loss or status is also indicated. Be wise with money, and do not make any investments at this time.


It is an emotionally fulfilling time. Communication within the family and with the partner will improve. However, there may be a need to resolve a conflict or doubts that may exist with your partner. If you are single, a potential partner is coming your way. You will get support or guidance from an older male at the workplace. There will be financial security and stability but be balanced in your approach i.e neither neglect finances nor get over focussed on money.


This month is about emotional contentment, love & harmony, and a happy time for family and couples. Whatever you have been working on will come together; there will be stability and comfort in life. This is a great time for couples as well as those planning to settle down. There will be deeper commitments and relationships moving in the right direction. Collaborate with like-minded professionals to finish your project. Partnerships built on trust will be supportive & rewarding. Finances will move upwards and investments made earlier will be rewarding.


There will be balance, stability, and security in love and at work. This moth brings joy, happiness, and celebrations that come with the achievement of a goal or reaching a milestone. If you are single, a new partner or a love interest may enter your life. Reunion or meeting past love is also indicated for some. Love and affection will be fully expressed and reciprocated. Everything will be going fine at work at the moment. There is financial stability, and you will be more than willing to spend money on your loved ones.


You may overcome a difficult time & move towards something better this month. An emotional strife is about to end and it’s time for your relationship to progress. It’s time leave the past behind and move forward towards a positive and brighter future. The stressful period in your work & financial struggles may be getting over. There could be a change of job or improvement in the position. There will be financial stability but be responsible while spending.


You will be in command of the situation at work or in relationships. It is time to take charge of things and focus on the logic rather than the heart. It’s time to give attention to your partner and do not hesitate to make the first move. For singles, be patient and think from your head and not heart. Stay focussed and in control of things at work. Be realistic with money, lan your investments very well and think through your business dealing with logic.


This month brings new beginnings and prosperity. You will be starting something new which will bring financial rewards quickly. You may be presented with an opportunity to gain financially and expand your business. Unexpected windfall is also indicated. In relationships, there will be happiness and contentment. Maintain clear and honest communication with your partner and let go of any ego. For singles, love is on its way. Your finances will improve substantially, and there will be stability. You may be given a more prominent role in the organisation that translates into promotion or bonus.


Your work or business will make swift progress and your projects will thrive. There will be opportunities coming your way and there will be challenges, but you will be able to overcome them with determination and focus. You will be will ing to invest in your relationship & it will progress at a pace now. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone. Things are likely to get better on the professional & financial front.


You hard work will pay off. Useful information related to job, contract or property is coming your way. Be ready to take action as you see the opportunity. People around you will be supportive and help you achieve your goals. Follow the advice of a professional financial advisor before making any decisions related to money or investments. There may be some conflict in your relationship as either you or your partner may indulge in petty arguments and disagreements. If your relationship is in the early stage then you need to be patient and invest more time into it.


The year closes on a positive note and you will see things getting accomplished and success that is earned through earnest hard work. You will witness deeper commitments and stability in love. Follow a mature, and level-headed approach in love and relationship. If you are single, someone, who can support you financially, and emotionally may walk into your life. Accomplishment of goals is indicated and you will enjoy good reputation at your workplace. Your finances will be stable as a result of your wise money management and hard work.


There will be harmony at work & in relationships. There will be commitment in relationships & your feelings will be reciprocated. If you are hoping to find love, it is on its way. Your partner will be supportive & your bond will strengthen. Any ongoing negotiations like contracts, financial dealings will go in your favour, and disputes will be resolved. Relationships with your colleagues will get strong. If you are considering a business partnership, it will work well for you. There will be financial stability, but don’t overspend.


In work, tough time is over, and your hard work will pay off. You will be content with the money flow and acknowledgment coming your way. Your position in the organization will be secure. Investments in home or property or a small business are indicated, and it may bring future dividends. While, there will be stability in relationships, either you or your partner may be acting possessive or controlling, which may hurt your relationship. If you are single, do not hold yourself back from meeting someone new.

Disclaimer: Our free online Tarot card readings are for the guidance purpose only. They may or may not resonate with you. We use a combination of different Tarot decks for our reading.


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