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Political Predictions for 2022

How will 2022 be for the Indian politics? Will it be a positive and favourable year for Narendra Modi and BJP? Will Congress see a revival or debacle? Will there be a resurgence of regional parties?

  • 2022 will be favourable for the current government. Narendra Modi and BJP will hold the reins and remain at the power centre of India’s political scene. The BJP will continue to be the single dominant force of Indian politics in 2022.

  • Congress will suffer a setback in 2022. The year will be marked by revolt, rebellion and restructuring.

  • Regional parties will expand and will have increased traction in their strongholds.

Overall there will be political stability in the country. India will be moving towards success, growth and prosperity in multiple areas bringing a general sense of optimism. There will be a slew of courageous and path-breaking decisions.

Narendra Modi’s political and social stature will strengthen in 2022, and he will continue to have a strong foothold in Indian politics. He will remain on top, and what is his will remain his for the foreseeable future. Although there will be stiff competition and hindrances, he will always have the edge. He also needs to be careful of enemies.

While building new bridges, Narendra Modi will revive old connections; some of the party members who left BJP are likely to join. In addition, he will be taking measures towards growth and development in Gujarat and his constituency particularly.

The position of women in the BJP Party at senior positions will get stronger, and they will play a vital role. Some of them will be elevated and occupy prominent positions and essential portfolios.

Any initiative taken in 2021 by the current government will physically manifest in 2022, particularly in communication, telecommunication and satellite.

2022 will witness a fresh revival cycle in politics, with many youths coming forward and joining politics.

The cards foresee a rough ride ahead for Congress in 2022. The year does not augur too well for the Congress party, and political upheaval or turmoil is foreseen. The leadership will have to face challenges, obstacles, and struggles within the party. There will be rebellion and revolution against the authority, and restructuring is likely. But, on the other hand, there is a strong indication that there will be circumstances for the leader to rethink the old beliefs and ideology and make way for the renewal and establishment of a new belief system.

With regard to the regional parties, 2022 will be immensely favourable for some of the parties. The resurgence of TMC is foreseen. This year, the party will lay the foundation and prepare for the future.


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