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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of August 15, 2021

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of August 15, 2021 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


You will undertake a conquest and you will be fierce and strong-willed towards achieving your goal. This week marks birth of a new idea, project that utilises your intellect & that could prove profitable. Obstacles will get removed, and success is on its way. Stay focussed and don’t let anything distract you. Trust your judgement in the matter of money, investment and property. Your relationship will be intellectually stimulating and oriented rather than emotionally. Keep the channels of communication open and discuss issues if any.


This week begins on a positive note. Financial gains are indicated. Your success on the professional front is foretold. Those hoping for a new job, promotion or bonus are likely to get positive response. You are likely to receive good returns from an investment. Things at home will remain peaceful. It’s a good time to reconnect with your family & friends; be kind & loving. Relationship gets strengthened as you spend time with your partner. Those seeking love may have luck on their side.


You will need to hold your ground and stay strong to defend your position. In love, there may be hurdles, and you may need to stand and fight for your love. Your emotions and love may be questioned by people around you, but you must hold your ground, be clear on your position, and defend your love. You may have to fight and stand up for yourself to defend your position and status in the organisation. You must take care of your financial security through proper financial planning, investments and savings.


Disputes will be settled and any legal matter involving money or property will be decided in your favour provided you have been honest in your conduct. There will be balance and harmony in relationship and you will get the love you rightfully deserve. If there are any problems then you must try to adjust your attitude and behaviour to create peace and harmony. Tensions and problems at work will be resolved. Pay attention to your finances and keep a close watch on your expenses.


This could be an intense time at work. You may experience a change or transformational phase in your job or career. This change may be inevitable and beyond your control. Restructuring in business or moving of the premises is anticipated. A sudden end of a friendship, inevitable breakup, and heartache as a result of some shocking secret coming to light. It may also mean turning your back on certain people who have been a cause of stress & friction in your life.


There could be disappointment in love or work. You’ve touched your limits and now feel exhausted and overworked. You may face disappointment and emotional agony because of relationships. Friendships may break, and unfortunately, it may be unavoidable. There could be loss of job because of severing of relationships with coworkers. In business, it could signify losses or even backstabbing by business associates or partners. Be extremely careful with your finances and do not make any investments at this point of time.


You will be moving from one level to another, do not hesitate or over assess the situation. Take risks, but plan. There could be start of a new job, venture or a career path. Move forward with an open mind and positive mind. Approach your relationship with innocence and open heart. Be spontaneous and joyful as you enter a new relationship. Don’t be naive while handling your finances or money. Pay attention to details and ensure you have all the information before making any decision.


Someone around you might be focussing on doing things his/her way with no regard for consequences. In love, one of the partners may not be honest about their feelings and be manipulative. There is also an indication of someone intruding on your personal space or relationship. Singles be careful of whom you date and that they are not manipulative and selfish. Negative attitude may be affecting your work and someone in your team flicks away the credit for your hard work.


You will stand out in your field of work, gain prominence, and your efforts will be recognized. Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, make a plan, and get going. You are in a stable financial condition and know how to manage your money well. Express your love and feelings to your partner. Take initiatives and make the first move; your feelings will be well received and reciprocated. If you are single, you could be meeting someone through work or business.


There will be progress in your relationship and exciting times for you & your partner is foreseen. Your relationship, will move forward at a great pace with both of you taking equal initiatives. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone you will instantly fall in love with & your relationship will take off instantly. Your initiatives or projects will speed up, and you may receive a lot of calls, emails, and offers. There may be a job offer or an opportunity to start a new line of business. Be grounded and practical with money.


There will be success, projects will thrive and your work will be acknowledged & rewarded. There could be a promotion or a bonus coming your way. It is a good time to start a new business or take up a new job. In terms of money and investments, there will be prosperity and abundance. Your relationship is secure, happy and fulfilled. There will be romance and commitment in your relationship. For singles, you are emotionally ready & it is a great time to meet new people.


There is financial growth & investment opportunity. Pay attention to practical details and set realistic goals to succeed. Follow a measured and balanced approach in financial matters. Money is coming your way in the form of a bonus or promotion, but you will have to put in more efforts and work harder. It is a good time to make long term investment. In love, wait for sometime before taking your relationship to the next level. Do not take any hasty decision regarding job change.

Disclaimer: This is a general reading, it may or may not resonate with you. Click here to book a personalised reading


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