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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of September 26, 2021

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of September 26, 2021 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


This week brings rewards and success and your efforts will fructify. There will be financial security and stability. Collaboration and partnerships in financial ventures will pay dividends. You will receive support from your coworkers and there will be appreciation and recognition of your work. You will enjoy an emotionally fulfilling time with your family and loved ones. Relationship with your partner will be loving and fulfilling. This is a great time for couples as well as those planning to settle down.


There could be stress, arguments, & conflict arising due to lack of communication in relationships & at the workplace. Even if you feel the need to fight, hold yourself back and stay calm. It could be a difficult time for you in terms of money. Be cautious with who you trust with your finances as there could be deception with relation to money. There could be deceit and lack of communication in relationships resulting in you or your partner walking away with a sense of loss and defeat.


In love, there could be deception & dishonesty. Those you have been thinking of being a friend might be planning something nasty behind your back. There is also an indication of someone intruding on your personal space or relationship. One of the partners may not be honest about their feelings and be manipulative. Negative attitude may be affecting your work or position in the organization. Be careful of deceit or cheating in business.


There is temporary financial hardship, loss, and emotional distress. You may feel isolated and everybody may seem to be going against you. Try to look for support from people in a similar position and reaching out for help from people around you. Consider new options and resources that may help you to move forward and overcome this situation. Good or bad, nothing lasts forever, and this too shall pass. More than the actual loss, it is the fear of financial loss, isolation, lack of security that may trouble you.


You will stand out in your field of work, gain prominence, and your efforts will be recognised. Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, make a plan, and get going. You are in a stable financial condition and know how to manage your money well. Express your love and feelings to your partner. Take initiatives and make the first move; your feelings will be well received and reciprocated. If you are single, you could be meeting someone through work or business.


Your diligence, hard work and attention to detail will pay off. You are on the right track. Be methodical in your craft. If you have been aspiring to turn your talent into a venture, this is your cue. You will be dedicated & committed towards your work & relationships. The efforts you have put into your relationship has helped it grow. There could be a new job, starting a business where your skills will be put to use. Financially, there will be stability as a result of careful planning, focussed approach & hard work.


You will see a change or a transition coming your way. There could be a change that could lead to a complete transformation of your relationship or the beginning of a new phase. It could mean break-up or letting go of a relationship that no longer is working for you. If you are unhappy with your current job, you may look at a new job or a change of role. Financially it could be a title tight & you need to be practical with money & investments.


There will be accomplishment, contentment, fulfilment of wishes & dreams come true. Your relationship is secure, happy & fulfilled. The card represents engagement or marriage. There will be romance & commitment in your relationship. For singles, you are emotionally ready & it is a great time to meet new people. There will be success, projects will thrive & your success will be rewarded. There could be a promotion or a bonus coming your way. It is a good time to start a new business or take up a new job. Financially, there will be prosperity and abundance.


It’s time to put your plans into action and invest energy in your work. Don’t let anything stand in your way, embrace the challenges and utilise your capabilities fully. New partnerships and the beginning of new projects are indicated. Work on strengthening bond with your partner, take a break from the routine and spend some quality moments with each other. For singles, development of a relationship or a new romantic partnership is foreseen. With love and mutual respect, you can build a rewarding relationship.


You may feel negative emotions due to some emotional loss, breakup, or disappointment. There could be arguments with a close friend or a family member. In relationships, there could be breakups and heartbreaks. Work on resolving any negative feelings from the past, if you want your current relationship to stay strong & move forward. At work, you may face disappointment and feel upset over some confusion or arguments. Leaving a job, financial loss or status is also indicated. Be wise with money, and do not make any investments at this time.


This week you will see things getting accomplished and success that is earned through earnest hard work. You will witness deeper commitments and stability in love. Follow a mature, and level-headed approach in love and relationship. If you are single, someone, who can support you financially, and emotionally may walk into your life. Accomplishment of goals is indicated and you will enjoy good reputation at your workplace.. Your finances will be stable as a result of your wise money management and hard work.


It’s a good time to grow emotionally & become more spiritually aware. There will be commitments & groundedness in relationships. Your relationship will move into the next phase. New relationship or meeting someone is on the cards for singles. In career or work, good things are coming your way. Nurture your talents through learning & skill acquisition. You are likely to get good advice and guidance from a senior at your workplace. You may also find a mentor or a guide who will help make the right decisions related to your career.

Disclaimer: This is a general reading, it may or may not resonate with you. Click here to book a personalised reading


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