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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of August 29, 2021

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of August 29, 2021 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


You will be in command of the situation at work & in relationships. It is time to take charge of things and focus on the logic rather than the heart. It may be an intensive time at work; don’t be hasty. Be realistic, practical with money, & follow a cautious approach towards your finances. Calculate all risks & check all facts before making any decisions. You & your partner will stay connected on an intellectual & emotional level. Give attention to your spouse.


Be patient and calm while dealing with the pressure. You must act with grace and sensitivity in order to bring a situation under control. Your bond with your partner will get stronger and will bring you closer. If you are single, now is a great time to meet someone. There is a need for balance in relationships. At work, you will establish a strong position and showcase leadership qualities. Demonstrate strength of character, determination and patience to resolve any difference with coworkers.


You may feel stuck in your job or career at the moment with no option but to stay. Relations with your colleagues may be difficult. It’s time to identify how & why you are feeling trapped, because if you want you will be able to make changes and reclaim the control. Be cautious with your finances. Family & relationships may be demanding at this time. Give space to your partner and don’t try to control or steer conversations. Take care of your health and follow a healthy routine.


Go slow, spend time on careful planning instead of taking immediate action. There may be delays or postponement of plans. Words of wisdom from a senior will help you make decisions. Position at the workplace will be stable; however, keep your counsel and don’t share your plans. You will be mature & forthcoming in helping others. In love, time out is indicated. Follow a mature & balanced approach in relationships. Stay clear from arguments & differences of opinions. Do not give in to pressure to take any decision.


You will need to hold your ground and stay strong to defend your position. In love, there may be hurdles, and you may need to stand and fight for your love. Your emotions and love may be questioned by people around you, but you must hold your ground, be clear on your position, and defend your love. You may have to fight and stand up for yourself to defend your position and status in the organisation. You must take care of your financial security through proper financial planning, investments and savings.


If things have felt difficult recently, they are about to change for better. It’s time to appreciate everything you have in life, including your family, friends, work, health. Your relationship with your partner will get deeper & meaningful. For singles, it is time to let go of any painful experiences from past. Meet people and open yourself for love. Finances are moving upward, job opportunity and recognition is coming your way. If you have been waiting for a promotion, things are likely to go in your favour.


Be practical and organised. You must look at becoming self-sufficient and build your on resources. Lover may crave for your time and attention that you can’t cannot ignore. Your financial worries are set to get resolved. Professionally, you will grow this week as things fall in place as expected. Steps taken on the work front are likely to yield good results. You may be elevated into a position of prominence on the social front.


It’s a good time to grow emotionally & become more spiritually aware. There will be commitments & groundedness in relationships. Your relationship will move into the next phase. New relationship or meeting someone is on the cards for singles. In career or work, good things are coming your way. Nurture your talents through learning & skill acquisition. You are likely to get good advice and guidance from a senior at your workplace. You may also find a mentor or a guide who will help make the right decisions related to your career.


Things seem to be in balance this week and you will work hard to ensure that it remains that way. Weigh your words before you speak and think before any action. Avoid ego clashes and power struggle to have harmony and peace in relationships. If there have been differences with your partner, work towards reconciliation. For singles, you may be guided towards a new partner. At work, be cordial with coworkers or clients and do not over-commit. Your financial situation will be balanced but pay attention to your income and expenditures.


Stay focussed and in control of things at work, business, and career. Discipline and structure will provide success. Plan your investments very well and think through your business dealing with logic and not emotions. Stay calm and double-check all the facts before making decisions. You and your partner will stay connected on an intellectual and emotional level. You will push each other and motivate each other to be a better version of yourselves. Give time and attention to your loved ones.


It’s time to tell the world what you are capable of. You will be full of enthusiasm and positive energy this week. Your relationships- family & professional contacts, will be energised. For couples, it’s a great time to nurture your bond & bring intimacy in your relationship. If you are single, be open as you are ready to meet someone new. At work, your ideas will flourish & you will have the strength to execute your plans.You will be able to make sound financial decisions based in careful planning but do not splurge.


You hard work will pay off. Useful information related to job, contract or property is coming your way. Be ready to take action as you see the opportunity. People around you will be supportive and help you achieve your goals. Follow the advice of a professional financial advisor before making any decisions related to money or investments. There may be some conflict in your relationship as either you or your partner may indulge in petty arguments and disagreements. If your relationship is in the early stage then you need to be patient and invest more time into it.

Disclaimer: This is a general reading, it may or may not resonate with you. Click here to book a personalised reading


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