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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of July 25, 2021

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of July 25, 2021 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


You’ve touched your limits and now feel exhausted and overworked. You may face disappointment and emotional agony because of relationships. Friendships may break, and unfortunately, it may be unavoidable. There could be loss of job because of severing of relationships with coworkers. In business, it could signify losses or even backstabbing by business associates or partners. Be extremely careful with your finances and do not make any investments at this point of time.


You are likely to receive and achieve the best this week. Love life seems to blossom and you will receive love in abundance. Those looking for a commitment in their relationship are likely to be in for a surprise. If you like someone, go ahead and express your feelings. There are chances to get a ‘yes’ as answer. Work wise, this week appears to be optimistic. Your hard work pays off with recognition of your performance. A bonus or a promotion is in the pipeline. Financial worries will fade off.


There will be accomplishment, contentment, fulfilment of wishes & dreams come true. Your relationship is secure, happy & fulfilled. The card represents engagement or marriage. There will be romance & commitment in your relationship. For singles, you are emotionally ready & it is a great time to meet new people. There will be success, projects will thrive & your success will be rewarded. There could be a promotion or a bonus coming your way. It is a good time to start a new business or take up a new job. Financially, there will be prosperity and abundance.


You are at a crossroad, contemplating your next move. Overlooking the problem will only make it more complex. Be patient & do not force an outcome. Your love life might feel stuck or you could be trying to choose between two potential partners while both the options look equally appealing. There are some job, career led issues like you may have a choice to make between two jobs. Listen to the advice of supportive friends & take the best possible practical steps forward. Be rational towards your finances.


Take respite from daily grind, recuperate and regain your strength before you return to the battleground. It’s time for withdrawal and retreat. You and your partner may feel the need for some peace and quiet time. You may need more mental space to help you reassess, recharge, and reconnect with your partner in a better way. Financially it could be a challenging time. However, the situation might not be as bad as it appear; gather thoughts and clear your head of negativity to plan well.


You will be focused and diligent in your approach. Keep your eyes on the goal and work diligently to achieve it. You may consider acquiring some more skill and knowledge in a particular field and become an expert in your craft. You will be dedicated and committed in your relationship. The efforts you put into your relationship will help it grow and move forward. To get love, you will have to give love. You may be working hard towards achieving your financially goals.


The theme of this week is charity, generosity and sharing with others. Be generous in helping someone in need and also know how to receive graciously. Your money related issues and stress will be over, and your finances look in order. A friend or a close relative will help you sail through a tight financial situation. A senior colleague at your workplace or your boss will be forthcoming to help you. Maintain a balance in your relationship; be giving and reciprocating your partner's emotions.


You will find a balance between your emotions and intellect. There is a need to stay emotionally balanced, calm and level-headed while dealing with negative situations and challenges. Your relationship will be emotionally fulfilling and affectionate. If you are single, a potential partner is coming your way. An older mature man may offer you support or guidance at your workplace. There will be financial stability and security but try to find a balance in your financial dealings. Try to resolve any difference in relationships or at the workplace.


There will be lot of communication & positive news about love & career. If you had initiated something new, it will pick up the pace. Your initiatives will speed up & you may receive a lot of calls, emails & offers. There will be a job offer or an opportunity to start a new line of business. This is an exciting time for couples. Your relationship, whether new or established will move forward at a great pace. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone you will instantly fall in love with.


This is going to be a week that puts you in limelight. If you have been working on a project or assignment, it will be finished and well appreciated. Your financial struggle will be over soon and you will be rewarded for your efforts and hard work. you are walking an extra mile to make things work with your partner. You may be investing more time in understanding your partner better. Singles may meet a potential partner through work or at the workplace.


There will be love and warmth in your relationship. If you are single, you could be meeting someone potentially through work or business. Express your love and feelings freely to your partner. Take initiatives and make the first move; your feelings will be well received and reciprocated. At work, your efforts and talents will be recognised. Take charge, display leadership qualities and be courageous. It is a good time to get involved in a creative project. Financial security and support will be there.


A collaborative venture will be successful and you will be celebrating success with others. You will be spending good time with your family and partner. There could be celebration in the family such as engagement, marriage or other events to celebrate. If you are single, someone from your past may reappear. The work environment will be cordial, and supportive. A project involving teamwork will reap benefits. Your ideas will be well received and rewarded. A job offer or promotion may also come your way. There will be financial abundance but don't overspend.


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