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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of March 15, 2021

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of March 15, 2021 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


You might experience some troubled time causing you great mental stress. There is likely to be considerable conflict in your life. Your relationship or position at work may be on a rocky ground. If you have been facing problems in your relationship or differences with your partner, then it may be coming to an end. Try to bridge the gap with honest communication and compassion. In career matters, there seems to be disruption and you will have difficulty in getting on with people at your workplace. Be wise with finances as loss is indicated.


After a period of handwork or struggle, success and financial gain are coming your way. A long-term investment should pay off. There will be job satisfaction and advancement in career. Your work will be appreciated and rewarded. You will succeed in a challenging endeavour. This week signals a time of commitment, happiness and cooperation. You and your partner will enjoy good times together. If you are looking for love, you stand a good chance to meet someone.


Good fortune and financial gain are indicated. There will be financial abundance & it is a good time to make investments. There will be love, affection and mutual respect in your relationship. You will be ready to make a commitment to a partner. You will be able to manage your money and material resources wisely. Your partner will be emotionally supportive and there will be security in the relationship. You will be resourceful and supportive of coworkers. A mature and supportive woman around you will offer help and guidance.


It’s time to put your plans into action and invest energy in your work. Don’t let anything stand in your way, embrace the challenges and utilise your capabilities fully. New partnerships and the beginning of new projects are indicated. Work on strengthening bond with your partner, take a break from the routine and spend some quality moments with each other. For singles, development of a relationship or a new romantic partnership is foreseen. With love and mutual respect, you can build a rewarding relationship.


You will benefit financially through business partnerships, joint ventures and collaborations. By bringing together the resources and capabilities, you will be able to accomplish more than you could individually. There has be an equal give and take. There will be financial stability, but don’t overspend.There will be a harmonious flow of love and emotions between you and your partner. You will strive towards bringing out the best in one another and enjoy a happy and balanced relationship.


You will be focused and diligent in your approach. Keep your eyes on the goal and work diligently to achieve it. You may consider acquiring some more skill and knowledge in a particular field and become an expert in your craft. You will be dedicated and committed in your relationship. The efforts you put into your relationship will help it grow and move forward. To get love, you will have to give love. You may be working hard towards achieving your financially goals.


You may experience fear, negativity and anxiety about your relationship, career or a financial matter. Look at your finances practically and avoid negative thinking. You may feel rejected and lonely as your partner may seem a little insensitive and aloof. Be patient and try to understand the real cause of the problem. More than the actual problem it could be your negative attitude that might be adding to your suffering and distress. Try to change your perspective and not just look at the downside.


You will be able to overcome obstacles and success is within reach. You may have to work hard to accomplish your tasks but you will be rewarded for your hard work and expertise. It’s time to give your hundred percent to realise your dreams. This week promises to bring improvement in your finances. Your bond with your partner will get better and stronger. There will be love and happiness but you will have to make a sincere effort to make things better and refined.


There may be obstacles and restrictions because of which your progress will be hampered. Fear and misunderstanding will prevent you from being happy in your relationship. You could be feeling ignored and fear what your partner thinks of you. Work on your attitude and negative thinking to improve your relationship. You may face some problems at work or in career. Be persistent and focus on one thing instead of diversifying. Watch your income and money matters closely. Spend wisely and do not take any loans or make any investments.


This is a week of good news, proposals & offers. There will be love and affection in your relationship. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone; follow your heart and move forward. You could expect some good romantic news like a marriage proposal. Things will go well in your career and there will be some good news related to your current job or a job application. Financially, you will be doing good. Resolve all work related issues tactfully and diplomatically.


Stick to your plan & stay on course even if it seems difficult at the moment. To overcome difficulties and differences in your relationship, do whatever is necessary to make it work and don’t give up hope. You will have to stay positive and involved with your partner to resolve any issues. Stand your ground but do not get into any conflict or dispute. Continue to work hard to achieve your goal despite opposition, challenges and distractions. Define your priorities at work and put your energy where it will work the best.


This week ushers in a time of financial stability & security. You will find yourself surrounded by material comforts, & your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded. Your efforts and hard work will pay off, and there is a possibility of financial reward like bonus or promotion. You will have the resources to splurge occasionally and help others. Some investments are also indicated and will fetch good returns. Think beyond your relationship, family, and responsibilities; make sure you take time out for yourself- pursuing a hobby, catching up with friends.


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