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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of May 24, 2021

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of May 24, 2021 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


You will be walking away from somebody or leave behind something you have spent effort on. There could be a disappointment thus making you move away from an undertaking or abandon some previous work. This is a time of change, solitude and deep reflection. In love, while everything may appear fine on the outside, you or your partner may choose to withdraw temporarily. You may be clinging onto a relationship that’s not working. In work, you may find yourself leaving your job that no longer seems satisfying or a change of career.


Take control of your life. You have the willpower and energy to succeed. Tap into your talents and skills to achieve what you desire. There is will be happiness and commitment in your relationship. For singles, it’s a great time to meet someone and take the relationship forward. At work, drive your plans forward, take new initiatives, and broaden your horizons. There will be a new job opportunity or a business opportunity. Your finances will improve, or you will get an opportunity to make more money.


Your diligence, hard work and attention to detail will pay off. You are on the right track. Be methodical in your craft. If you have been aspiring to turn your talent into a venture, this is your cue. You will be dedicated & committed towards your work & relationships. The efforts you have put into your relationship has helped it grow. There could be a new job, starting a business where your skills will be put to use. Financially, there will be stability as a result of careful planning, focussed approach & hard work.


Your hard work and labour will bear fruits. This is the week of investments and returns. Be financially responsible and good with savings. It’s time to reevaluate your work, what you have achieved and plan the way forward. If a raise or promotion is due, you should ask for it. A gentle nudge to you is to be not a workaholic but enjoy life a bit. There is more to life than work and acquisition. In love, you have to be patient. Slowly but surely there will be progress.


The is the week of success, attainment, accomplishment that brings with it recognition and accolades. It is time to radiate your talent and confidence to the world. You will be capable of great intellectual and creative achievements. The days ahead bode well for investments & business ventures. There will be financial stability. You will enjoy a strong bond with your partner and there will be happiness and contentment. Marriage is on cards for some. There will be rejuvenation from a state of turmoil and negative forces will clear.


There will be a positive energy in your work and personal life. You will have the enthusiasm & your relationships- family & professional contacts, will be energised. For couples, it’s a great time to nurture your bond & there will be love and intimacy in your relationship. If you are single, be open as you are ready to meet someone new. At work, your ideas will flourish & you will have the strength to execute your plans. You will be able to make sound financial decisions but spend carefully.


You will feel pushed to a corner but will have the ability to hold and stand your ground against adverse situations. You need to be strong will and defiant. The environment around you could be hostile and you may feel outnumbered but you must be ready to fight back and defend yourself. In love, there may be hurdles, and you may need to stand and fight for your love. You must take care of your financial security through proper financial planning, investments and savings.


There will be strong competition around you, clash of ambitions and difference of opinion. Be cautious of people around you, especially your team or colleagues at the workplace. Instead of working collaboratively, there will be internal clashes and disagreements. Petty matters may create tension and arguments between you and your partner. You may have to make an extra effort to win your partner's attention; he may be focussing on something else. Financially, you might be struggling to manage your expenses or to get refunds.


This is the week of progressive action. You will be approaching your goals faster or a project will attain fruition. You may receive a message that brings good news. If you are looking for a yes or no, then this card means a yes and that you need to move ahead. There will be a job offer or an opportunity to start a new line of business. This is an exciting time for couples. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone you will instantly fall in love with.


Be determined and stand firm. You will have the mental clarity & open-mindedness to see the bigger picture. Whatever the situation or circumstances, take command of it. Give attention to your personal relationships and do not try to dominate. Use your intellectual intelligence and not emotional while dealing with people. work, you will come up with newer ideas, & have the determination to execute them. Listen to other people’s ideas, views, and opinions. An older mature woman in your life will step up to guide & support you.


The theme of this week is charity, generosity and sharing with others. Your circumstances are set to improve & money related issues will be over. Be generous in helping someone in need and also know how to receive graciously. You will be in a position to pay any outstanding debts & invest wisely. Your colleagues will be supportive. You may find investors who will help your business grow. There will be emotional & financial support from your partner. Maintain a balance in your relationship be giving & reciprocate to your partner's emotions.


Balance your thoughts as well as actions to bring harmony and stability. Follow a moderate approach, avoiding any extremes in work and relationships. Do not resist rather assess both sides of the situation before making a decision. If there have been differences in your relationship or with your partner, it is time for reconciliation. At work, you will have the support and the necessary resources to complete your task. Do not over-commit and promise what you cannot deliver.

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Vijay Bhuva
Vijay Bhuva
May 22, 2021

Nice Predictions. 👍👍👍

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