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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of May 31 , 2021

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of May 31 , 2021 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


There will be accomplishment, contentment, fulfilment of wishes & dreams come true. Your relationship is secure, happy & fulfilled. The card represents engagement or marriage. There will be romance & commitment in your relationship. For singles, you are emotionally ready & it is a great time to meet new people. There will be success, projects will thrive & your success will be rewarded. There could be a promotion or a bonus coming your way. It is a good time to start a new business or take up a new job. Financially, there will be prosperity and abundance.


This week you will see things getting accomplished and success that is earned through earnest hard work. You will witness deeper commitments and stability in love. Follow a mature, and level-headed approach in love and relationship. If you are single, someone, who can support you financially, and emotionally may walk into your life. Accomplishment of goals is indicated and you will enjoy good reputation at your workplace.. Your finances will be stable as a result of your wise money management and hard work.


You may be dealing with difficult relationships or your partner might be dominating or controlling. It could also mean loss of freedom and that one of you is gaining more from the relationship than the other. You may feel stuck in your job or career at the moment with no option but to stay. Relations with your colleagues may be difficult and tense. Be cautious with your finances and difficult situation is foreseen as a result of over indulgence.


Take some rest & recharge before you move on to the next level. Take time off from work and from your hectic schedule to restore your energy & allow your body and mind to heal so that you are fully geared to take on the next challenge. Now is not a time to take any action or make decision related to relationships or job. It’s time to re-evaluate your relationship, feeling & emotions. At work, reassess your position and review your progress before you move forward.


This is a period of highs & lows and volatility in general. There could be betrayal, loss of a job, end of partnerships, or difference of opinion with colleagues. Be realistic about your capabilities. You may be required to make a sudden career decision or a job change because of dissatisfaction from work. Don’t get involved in any investment or financial dealings. There may be some confusion or disappointment in your relationship. This is not the right time to make any decision related to marriage or a new relationship.


You will be in command of the situation at work & in relationships. It is time to take charge of things and focus on the logic rather than the heart. It may be an intensive time at work; don’t be hasty. Be realistic, practical with money, & follow a cautious approach towards your finances. Calculate all risks & check all facts before making any decisions. You & your partner will stay connected on an intellectual & emotional level. Give attention to your partner & do not hesitate to make the first move.


There may be some blockage & negative thoughts that are stopping you from moving forward. You may experience unhappiness in work and relationships, insecurities, and anxiety. This is a temporary state, and you can overcome it by not overthinking. You may feel burdened & stressed because of financial obligations. Look at your finances practically and avoid negative thinking. Insecurities, lack of trust or deceit might be affect your relationship. Either you or your partner may be suffering from depression or anxiety issues which is affecting your relationship and causing unhappiness.


You have the skills and resource to achieve what you want to. Now is the time to utilise your will power and determination to manifest your goals. There is will be happiness and commitment in your relationship. For singles, it’s a great time to meet someone and take the relationship forward. In business, drive your plans forward and take new initiatives. There will be new beginnings in the form of a new job opportunity or a business opportunity. Your finances will improve, or you will get an opportunity to make more money.


You will find a balance between your emotions and intellect. There is a need to stay emotionally balanced, calm and level-headed while dealing with negative situations and challenges. Your relationship will be emotionally fulfilling and affectionate. If you are single, a potential partner is coming your way. An older mature man may offer you support or guidance at your workplace. There will be financial stability and security but try to find a balance in your financial dealings. Try to resolve any difference in relationships or at the workplace.


Don’t rush things, be patient and persevering. The progress may be slow at this time but it will be steady. In love, you have to be patient, and things may not progress the way you had hoped. However, the feelings of your partner towards you will grow stronger with time, only if you are ready to wait. Stability on the professional & financial front is foreseen. Continue working towards your goal, applying your energy and resources. The investment and effort you put in now will pay off at a later time.


There is some kind of conflict & competition involving people around you. There could be misunderstandings and lack of agreement. In love, you may have to make an extra effort or struggle to win your partner's attention; he may be focussing on something else. Your partner may not sure of his/her feelings or affection. At work, there will be competition but you must hold your position and not give up. People around you will have strong opinions and will be busy defending their position rather than trying to reach a consensus.


Take control of your financial and personal matters and don’t let others to decide for you. Put your emotions aside and use your intellect and logic to take any decision. If you have been working on a project or assignment, it will be finished and well appreciated. Stand firm but be open to new ideas and opinions of your co-workers. You will come up with newer ideas, and have the determination to execute them. Be cautious about questionable financial dealings. Give attention to your personal relationships and don’t be dominating.


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