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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of September 14, 2020

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of September 14, 2020 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


Your personal life be filled with positive energy, and there will be harmony at home. This is a good time to begin a relationship, if you are single. There will be deeper commitments, spend time in fostering your relationship with your loved ones. Your partner will be emotionally supportive and there will be security in the relationship. In work, you will be resourceful and supportive of coworkers. A mature and supportive woman at your workplace will offer help and guidance.


There is balance, stability, and security in love and at work. This week brings joy, happiness, and celebrations that come with the achievement of a goal or reaching a milestone. If you are single, a new partner or a love interest may enter your life, and you will find yourself spending time with them. Reunion or meeting past love is also indicated. The work environment will be supportive; there will be teamwork. You will be full of ideas and your talent will be appreciated.


This week, you may experience unhappiness and stress in work and relationships. There may be insecurities, anxiety and negative thoughts that are pushing you back and stopping you from moving forward. This is a temporary state, and you can overcome it by not overthinking. Not a good time to take any decisions related to marriage or changing job. At work you may be chasing deadlines while coping with lack of resources and support from coworkers. Pay attention to your sleep patterns.


Be patient and calm while dealing with the pressure. You must act with grace and sensitivity in order to bring a situation under control. Your bond with your partner will get stronger and will bring you closer. If you are single, now is a great time to meet someone. There is a need for balance in relationships. At work, you will establish a strong position and showcase leadership qualities. Demonstrate strength of character, determination and patience to resolve any difference with coworkers.


There will be trust, loyalty, and intimacy. You will feel a sense of balance & security in your partnership. For singles, a new partner may enter your life. Those in an established relationship, may focus on practical matters and future planning. Do not be hasty in love related decisions. At work, there will be fairness, and you may be offered help from an older male colleague. You will be able to overcome problems with careful planning. Be practical with money and keep a close watch on your expenses.


You could see yourself trying to find the right balance between work and personal life. You may have to make a decision related to finances or money management. There could be a temporary cash-flow issue so pay attention to money, time, and resources. You and your partner may have a decision to make regarding the future of your relationship. If you are single, you may have to choose whether you are ready to enter into a new relationship or not.


This is a week of moderation and creating balance in love and work. You need to balance your thought and actions to bring harmony. Follow a moderate approach, avoiding any extremes. Do not resist but accept & assess both sides of the situation before making a decision. If there have been differences with your partner, it is time for reconciliation. For singles, you may be guided towards a new partner. At work, do not over-commit. Pay attention to your income and expenditures.


You can expect a positive outcome of the initiatives taken recently. There will be a balance in work & relationships. Pay attention to practical matters and ensure that your emotional needs are met. The signing of contracts & documents is indicated. Any ongoing legal matters may get resolved, job interviews and negotiations will be successful. Money matters will improve. You will get the support of influential people and your projects will get support. Listen to advise from people around you whom you respect.


Spend more time on thinking & planning rather than action. Do not take any big decision & keep your plans and future course of action to yourself. You might decide to take time away from routine & spend some time alone. In love, break-up or separation is indicated. Follow a mature and balanced approach in relationships. Do not give in to pressure to take any decision related to your relationships, marriage. Position at the workplace will be stable; take a different approach towards completing your task.


If you have been thinking of starting a new venture, enterprise, or educational course, this is the time, provided proper planning is in place. Follow your heart's calling, and once you decide to move forward, do not look back. Remember to plan properly. For singles, a new relationship is indicated; go with the flow and explore the idea of meeting someone new. There could be a new career or job opportunity. Prioritise your work load. Be careful with you money and spend wisely.


Positive things are likely to happen in almost all aspects of your life. If you have been working hard on a project or an assignment, you will start seeing results. Your bond with your partner will grow stronger. You can expect some good news about children. You may also be reuniting with an old friend or a family member. You can expect a significant change coming your way in career and business. There will be financial stability, new opportunities and investments.


You will win applause and recognition for your work. You will get a chance to showcase your talent in public or given an opportunity to give speech or lecture on a subject you excel in. In love, there will be commitment and you will make extra efforts to make things work with your partner. Singles may meet a potential partner through work or at the workplace. Your project will be finished and well appreciated. You can consider learning a skill to improve your qualifications.


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