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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of September 21, 2020

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of September 21, 2020 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


There is balance, stability, and security in love and at work. This week brings joy, happiness, and celebrations that come with the achievement of a goal or reaching a milestone. If you are single, a new partner or a love interest may enter your life, and you will find yourself spending time with them. Reunion or meeting past love is also indicated. The work environment will be supportive; there will be teamwork. You will be full of ideas and your talent will be appreciated.


There is emotional contentment, love in relationships. Surround yourself with friends and have a relaxed time with your family. It is an emotionally fulfilling time. This is a great time for couples as well as those planning to settle down. There will be deeper commitments and relationships moving in the right direction. Collaborate with like-minded professionals to finish your project. Partnerships built on trust will be supportive & rewarding. Whatever you have worked hard for will move a step closer to fruition.


There will be a positive energy in your work and personal life. You will have the enthusiasm & your relationships- family & professional contacts, will be energised. For couples, it’s a great time to nurture your bond & there will be love and intimacy in your relationship. If you are single, be open as you are ready to meet someone new. At work, your ideas will flourish & you will have the strength to execute your plans. You will be able to make sound financial decisions but spend carefully.


You can expect a positive outcome of the initiatives taken recently. There will be a balance in work & relationships. Pay attention to practical matters and ensure that your emotional needs are met. The signing of contracts & documents is indicated. Any ongoing legal matters may get resolved, job interviews and negotiations will be successful. Money matters will improve. You will get the support of influential people and your projects will get support. Listen to advise from people around you whom you respect.


There will be balance and harmony in your life. You may have an important decision or a choices to make related to relationship or what career path to take. But remember, that you make the decision based on long term future and not just what seems easy at the moment. If you are single, loving is coming your way. Look beyond money and consider development and ambitions too. If you are considering partnership in business, then it will be mutually beneficial. Financially, it is a good time.


You may be overcoming a difficult time, experiencing a transition and leaving something behind in order to move towards something better. An emotional strife is about to end and it’s time for your relationship to progress. It’s time leave the past behind and move forward towards a positive and brighter future. The stressful period in your work & financial struggles may be getting over. There could be a change of job or improvement in the position. There will be financial stability but be responsible while spending.


There will be stability in love, relationships, and work. You will be content with the money flow and acknowledgment coming your way. Your position in your workplace will be secure. However, your work commitments may take priority over your personal and family life. Either you or your partner may be acting possessive or controlling, which may hurt your relationship. If you are single, do not hold yourself back from meeting someone new. Be willing to share, spend, and occasionally indulge.


Meeting a new partner or a career opportunity is indicated. The decision that you make now will have a significant effect on your future. Whatever path you choose should be based on a long-term future rather than short-term gains. There will be deeper commitment and mutual understanding between you & your partner. If you have a love decision to make, you must make a decision that supports your true needs of respect, love, trust and emotional support. There will be financial stability and you will be attracting wealth.


You will find yourself caught in a middle of a situation and not knowing which side to choose. Resolving and moving past the stalemate is the only solution. There is a need for balance in your relationships. Singles, may be trying to choose between two potential partners. For couples, you must not ignore any existing problems, speak clearly to find a solution. You may have a choice to make between two jobs or career paths. Consider all the facts and information before making any decision. Make sure that you are wise with expenditures.


If life has been difficult recently, this card symbolises that things and circumstances will get better. This is the time to reconnect with your family and friends, be kind & loving. Singles, can expect to meet someone, and those in an established relationship will notice a positive change in their relationship. A big and a significant change is coming in your career. It is a good time to start your own business, change your job or take up a new career path. If you have been experiencing financial difficulties then the luck will favour you and things will improve soon.


You will be determined and driven towards your goal. Be ready to charge forward with full energy. Sudden truths or underlying issues at work or relationships may come to light. There could be some disputes at work or within the family. There may be a lack of commitment & that someone you are interested in may not be looking at a pursuing the relationship. Your work will keep you busy & you may be required to achieve beyond expectations. Don’t be hasty or rush for things.


There will be harmony at work & in relationships. There will be commitment in relationships & your feelings will be reciprocated. If you are hoping to find love, it is on its way. Your partner will be supportive & your bond will strengthen. Any ongoing negotiations like contracts, financial dealings will go in your favour, and disputes will be resolved. Relationships with your colleagues will get strong. If you are considering a business partnership, it will work well for you. There will be financial stability, but don’t overspend.