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Gemini 2021 Predictions


In work and business, new partnerships and beginning of a new project is foreseen. If you have been planning to do something, now is the time to make plans and move forward. Your colleagues and people around you will be supportive. You may have a decision to make between staying in your current job/position and taking up a new job. There will be financial stability, but you must explore the available opportunities and broaden your horizon.

Finance/ Money

This year you may face some short term and temporary financial struggle and cash issues. There could be a situation where you may have arguments over money with your business associates or partner, you may have to have to put your foot down on overspending at home or some delays or clashes in getting money back from those you have lent it to. Avoid over spending and lending money.


This year is going to be full of excitement, fun and action for those in love. Couples will find themselves willing to add zing to their relationship, you may take up some classes together or pursue some hobby. If your are single, you will find yourself excited with the idea of meeting new people and you will be ready to explore the meaning of love. You could also meet someone who is fun loving and adventurous, however, don’t expect commitment right away.


There will be better bonding among the family members but avoid judging each other over petty things. Keep communication within the family and with the members open and ensure you are aware of each other’s needs. If there are any difference within the family, work towards reconciliation. You may revisit an old relationship or friendship and decide if it is worth giving a try again. But before you make a decision, you must assess past issues, evaluate and review the past experiences.


Overall, your health will be normal this year and there are signs of healing in case you have not been keeping well. However, watch out and address any health issue or symptoms that may have a family history like hypertension, diabetes etc. There could be some problems related to sleep, stress and anxiety. You can overcome these issues by introducing small changes in your lifestyle and by having a good routine. Be cautious about your health in the months of January and March.


This could be a year of spiritual awakening for you. The spiritual path is opening up for you, so you must use this opportunity to develop and future your spiritual instincts further. You may notice a lot of surprises coming your way in the form of positive sign, symbols and omen. Be open and let the universe guide you.


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