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Tarot Forecast for June 2020

Tarot predictions for the month of June 2020. Read on to find out what is in store for your zodiac sign this month.



Aries Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Aries Tarot forecast for June 2020

This is the month of light, enjoyable moments, a bit of indulgence, and lots of new ideas. Spending time with people you love will raise your energy levels and soothe the stress related health issues. It may be an intensive month for those who are married or are in love. It’s time to give attention to your partner and make the first move. For singles, be patient and think from your head and not heart. Your work will keep you very busy, and you may be required to achieve beyond expectations. There are chances of some dispute or tension at work, but let the situation be calmer before you make a move. Sudden truths may come to light leading to some brief stressful moments. Don’t be hasty or rush for things; finish what you have started before you take on the next task. This will be an action-packed month for doctors, lawyers, and consultants.

Advice: Enjoy, finish pending tasks, do not be hasty, give attention to relationships.



Taurus Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Taurus Tarot forecast for June 2020

The month of June may be a little tough for you. You may feel tied down and trapped in a situation, relationship, or organization. Your personal life be filled with positive energy, and there will be harmony at home; it will help you sail through the rough time. There is a reassurance in personal relationship; you need to relax a bit. On the professional front, your role in the organization may not give you satisfaction, and you may realize that it is not what you love doing at all. You may notice a shift of attitude of your team members towards you, a sense of being depleted, and left alone. Seek support and advice from those in a similar position. There may be restrictions because of which you may not achieve the desired results. You are advised to take care of your health and especially problems related to bones and muscular pain. Watch your income and money matters closely this month. Spend wisely and do not take any loans or make any investments.

Advice: Remember, you are not alone; seek support & guidance from friends; take care of health & cash flow.



Gemini Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Gemini Tarot forecast for June 2020

For Gemini, this month is all about money. Your hard work and efforts in the past will pay off, and you will receive good news related to finances, business & education. You will make tangible progress in a project you had started recently. This is the time to nurture your skills and acquire some qualification; it will be lucrative in the long term. Pay attention and follow a diligent approach towards your existing projects/tasks. There may be a job offer or an opportunity to start a new line of business. However, there is an element of caution- be grounded, realistic, and practical with money. In personal and love life, the month of June will be full of surprises, deeper commitments, and good news for you. Starting a family is also on the cards for some of you. Explore new ways to express your love.

Advice: Don’t be impulsive & handle your cash wisely.



Cancer Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Cancer Tarot forecast for June 2020

Get ready to win applause and recognition this month. You will get a chance to showcase your talent in public. This is a good month for entrepreneurs, start-ups, architects, teachers, designers, artists; you may be given an opportunity to give speech or lecture, address a group of people on a subject you excel in. If you have been working on a project or assignment, it will be finished and well appreciated. Take charge and control of things at work and look at the bigger picture. Stand firm but be open to new ideas and opinions of your co-workers. Give attention to your personal relationships. This month brings stability and deep commitment to your relationship, but remember, you must reciprocate. Your partner will support your ambitions, and together you can achieve a lot. If you are single, someone, who can support you physically, financially, and emotionally may walk into your life and is going to be there for a long time.

Advice: Stay strong, focussed & respect other people’s opinion.



Leo Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Leo Tarot forecast for June 2020

For Leos, this is the month of introspection and going inwards. Emotions and feelings will transcend the practical and logical side. This is the time to deepen your relationship with your higher self and develop your psychic & intuitive abilities. Try and look beyond the material world and earthly relationships. If you are nurturing an idea or your project is at the initial stage, do not share your plans with anyone. Those in the healing profession will do good this month. In your personal life, there will be love, harmony, and more profound commitment. Your feelings will be reciprocated, and any arguments or differences with your partner will be resolved. If you have been hoping to find true love, it is on its way. If you are already in a relationship with someone with similar interests, hobbies, who is supportive and understanding, you may look at nurturing the bond further. At work, you may face disappointment and feel upset over some confusion or arguments. Leaving a job or some loss of money or status is also indicated for some. A situation may be forced upon you, much to your dislike and disapproval. Despite this, you will have the support of your friends, family & colleagues; but you will have to acknowledge that help is near.

Advice: Do not share your plans, work on your intuitive abilities, look for help at work.



Virgo Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Virgo Tarot forecast for June 2020

Virgos, June is the month of harmony, peace, love, and partnerships for you. Any ongoing negotiations will go in your favor, and disputes and arguments will be resolved. Relationships will be cordial, and there will be a better understanding with people. Your best friend will play an important part and have a positive influence on your life. Pay attention to money, time, and resources this month. Financial and money matters may be bothersome, and there will be little left for saving. However, it is a temporary situation. Watch your expenditure and plan your finances in advance before the problem arises. You also need to readjust your focus on time and resource management and see that you are spending time and resources on something of long-term value. This could be a period where you will be needed to maintain balance in different aspects of life- money, family, work, relationships. Follow a mature, balanced, and level-headed approach in love and relationship. You will witness deeper commitments and stability in love. If you are in a relationship, it may take a positive turn, and if settling down is what you desire, things may start moving in that direction.

Advice: Take care of your finances, plan your time & resources well.



Libra Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Libra Tarot forecast for June 2020

It's a good month for you, and positive things are likely to happen in almost all aspects of your life. The outcome for everything you do or plan to do will be affirmative. If you have been working hard on a project or an assignment, you will start seeing results. Your hard work and efforts will pay off. You will win recognition for your work. If you are in a creative field like writing, artist, communication, counseling, it's time to express yourself fully and tell the world what you are capable of. You have the acumen to make some money through your creative endeavors. Your ideas will flourish, and you will have the strength to execute your plans. Your relationship with your colleagues will be energized, and you'll be supportive of them. In love, you may have to make an extra effort or struggle to win your partner's attention; he may be focussing on something else. There may be a lack of agreement & misunderstandings. If you are in a new relationship, your partner is not sure of his/her feelings or affection. Also, focus on your role and what value you bring to your partnership and not what other's have to say about you two.

Advice: Express yourself but avoid arguments in love relationships.



Scorpio Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Scorpio Tarot forecast for June 2020

New partnerships, ventures, and success are on the horizon. You will make plans and start moving towards your goal. You will gain influence, and people around you will be supportive. Getting into a partnership to achieve a particular purpose will lead to a successful outcome. While there will be stability in general, it’s time to explore new ideas and look beyond the vicinity. Those in professions like communications, marketing, consultants, and self-employed will gain prominence, and your efforts will be recognized. You will stand out in your field of work. Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, make a plan, and get going. What you propose at this time will be well accepted. Believe in your convictions, but do not get fixated with the idea of perfectionism. The relationship with family and partner will be calm but a little aloof. You and your partner may choose to keep a part of your life separate. Deep & meaningful conversations may be missing as you may be living your independent lives just now and focussing on your routines and agendas. For singles, this is not a time to begin a new relationship.

Advice: Move forward & execute your plans, do not enter a new relationship.



Sagittarius Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Sagittarius Tarot forecast for June 2020

Watch out for negative people, influences, temptations, and materialism this month. What may have started pleasurably may get reversed and become an overpowering influence leading to addictions and bad habits. You may feel enslaved & tyrannized to a situation or job or relationship. Family and relationships may be demanding at this time. Someone in the family may try to dominate & steer conversations and decisions. In love, do not fall for lust-over-love situations & short-term affairs. For homemakers and those who multitask, consider saying no, and seek support from others. Do not overwork or exhaust yourself. You are weighing yourself down with demands and responsibilities that you have lost sight of the reason you’re doing the work. In relationships and love, you may also be carrying issues or grudges from the past. At work, there is a potential for new opportunities, but there will not be much clarity as these options may seem superficial and in the air. You must wait and weigh your choices very carefully before deciding which option to go for.

Advice: Stay away from negative & over-demanding people, don’t rush at work.



Capricorn Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Capricorn Tarot forecast for June 2020

There may be some blockage and negative thoughts that are pushing you back and stopping you from moving forward. You may experience occasional episodes of unhappiness in work and relationships, insecurities, and anxiety. But it is not as bad as it seems; it is mostly in your head. This is a temporary state, and you can overcome it by not overthinking. For some, health issues related to hormones is indicated, which is directly related to lack of sleep or insomnia. In love and relationship, patience is the key, go with the flow, do not rush. For a strong foundation, you need to invest time and effort into your relationship. You might want to wait for a while before your relationship moves to the next level. Change in your position or circumstances- for the better is expected at work. If things have been difficult recently, you will get an opportunity to turn things around. You will have fresh ideas and energy to act on your plans. You can expect some drama and conflict at the workplace; be cautious and judge the situation carefully.

Advice: Take care of health especially sleep & anxiety issues, act on your ideas, be patient in love.



Aquarius Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Aquarius Tarot forecast for June 2020

You can start looking forward to contentment and happiness in key areas of life. If you have been working extremely hard, there will be a positive outcome; your efforts will be recognized and rewarded. If health has been your concern, you are on your way to recovery. In love, it might be an emotionally vulnerable time, while everything might seem calm and peaceful. There may be some confusion or little disappointment as you may feel let down. But you must delve deeper and find out the cause of unrest. There is an element of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. If you are curious to know how your potential partner feels about you, they may not be clear about how they feel towards you. This is not the right time to make any decision related to marriage or a new relationship. In work, if you have worked hard, you will have all the reasons to celebrate. Your positivity and teamwork will help you achieve success in ongoing projects.

Advice: Don't make any love-related decisions, stay-focussed & don’t get distracted with success.



Pisces Tarot forecast for June 2020 by Chhavi Upadhyay
Pisces Tarot forecast for June 2020

It’s never too late to start again. If you have been thinking of embarking on a new venture, enterprise, or educational course, this is the time, provided proper planning is in place. You are moving from one level to another, do not hesitate or over assess the situation. In love, you have to be patient, and things may not progress the way you had anticipated. However, the feelings of your partner towards you will grow stronger with time, only if you are ready to wait! In work, tough time is over, and your hard work will pay off. You will be content with the money flow and acknowledgment coming your way. Your position in the organization will be secure. While you will value what you have achieved, you would want to keep it only to yourself; just save and invest. Be willing to share, spend, and occasionally indulge.

Advice: Take the leap of faith, plan well, be patient and invest in your relationship


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