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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of April 19 , 2021

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of April 19 , 2021 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


You will undertake a conquest and you will be fierce and strong-willed towards achieving your goal. This week marks birth of a new idea, project that utilises your intellect & that could prove profitable. Obstacles will get removed, and success is on its way. Stay focussed and don’t let anything distract you. Trust your judgement in the matter of money, investment and property. Your relationship will be intellectually stimulating and oriented rather than emotionally. Keep the channels of communication open and discuss issues if any.


You will be moving from one level to another, do not hesitate or over assess the situation. Take risks, but plan. There could be start of a new job, venture or a career path. Move forward with an open mind and positive mind. Approach your relationship with innocence and open heart. Be spontaneous and joyful as you enter a new relationship. Don’t be naive while handling your finances or money. Pay attention to details and ensure you have all the information before making any decision.


Business or entrepreneurial success that comes after hard work and a period of waiting is near. Projects and ventures are on track to success and fruition. You will have the support and cooperation from others. Collaborate with others to succeed. Finances will improve. You may travel in relation to your work or job. It’s time to show your love and affection towards your partner openly. Let your partner know that you care. There will be commitment and marriage for some is on the cards.


You might experience a storm of emotions leading to strife and suffering. There could be misunderstanding and difference of opinions with your loved ones leading to quarrels and discord. You can try to mend the bridge with compassion and honest communication. The work environment may not be very cordial and you may have to face unfriendly and spiteful words of your boss or colleagues. Beware of deceit and breach of trust in business dealings. Financially, it could be a difficult time.


This week brings hope, happiness, and better health. After a period of suffering and struggle, there will be new opportunities restoring hope. You may have worked hard to accomplish your goal but your hard work will be recognised and rewarded. Finances are moving in the upward direction. If you have been waiting for a promotion, things are likely to go in your favour. Your relationship with your partner will get deeper and meaningful. Someone from your past might be coming back into your life to rekindle a relationship.


Useful information related to job, contract or property is coming your way. Be ready to take action as you see the opportunity. People around you will be supportive and help you achieve your goals. Follow the advice of a professional financial advisor before making any decisions related to money or investments. There may be some conflict in your relationship as either you or your partner may indulge in petty arguments and disagreements. If your relationship is in the early stage then you need to be patient and invest more time into it.


You will be full of enthusiasm, energy & ready to put your plan into action. However, don’t rush into action without planning. Your relationship is set to move forward. You & your partner will put in efforts to make the relationship work. Spend some quality time together to strengthen your connection. There could be a job change or you may start a new venture. You will be full of confidence and determination to take on any challenges that may come your way. Projects will gain momentum. Money is coming in but be careful with your spending.


This week marks the start of a new journey, career or a project. For singles, there could be a beginning of a new passionate relationship and a burst of vivacity in an existing relationship. Express your feelings and don’t wait for the other person to make the first move. Success is within reach provided you are will to invest the energy necessary to succeed. There could be a promotion, bonus or a new job. Finances will improve but do not overspend.


It’s a good time to grow emotionally & become more spiritually aware. There will be commitments & groundedness in relationships. Your relationship will move into the next phase. New relationship or meeting someone is on the cards for singles. In career or work, good things are coming your way. Nurture your talents through learning & skill acquisition. You are likely to get good advice and guidance from a senior at your workplace. You may also find a mentor or a guide who will help make the right decisions related to your career.


Your personal life be filled with love, respect and deep affection. You will be sincere in your feelings & committed to a partner. There will be deeper commitments, spend time in fostering your relationship with your loved ones. Your partner will be emotionally supportive. Proposals, marriage, engagement is also on cards for some you. Good fortune and financial abundance is indicated. You will be resourceful and supportive of coworkers. Partnership and teamwork will prove advantageous. Use your talents wisely for your and the benefit of others.


A major change is about to happen in your life. If a relationship is no longer satisfying, it is time to end things and move towards more fulfilling partnership. You may also need to change your attitude and behaviour towards your partner to make things better and grow. There could be a change in your career or job as your current job may not be rewarding or limiting. Financially it could be a title tight and you need to to change the way you have been handling your money and finances.


This is the week of fulfilment & completion in all undertakings. There will be love, joy and happiness in relationships. You will see your relationship moving to the next level, such as commitment, marriage or starting a family. Enjoy the togetherness and the bond that you and your partner have built together. For singles, it is a good time to start a new relationship or you may meet your potential partner. Projects will be completed and you will get recognition. Finances will be looking good as a result of your hard work.


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