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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of November 23, 2020

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of November 23, 2020 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


Ace of Wands offers a new opportunity or a new idea. If you have been thinking of a project, starting something new, then it is a ‘Yes’. In love, there will be surprises, fun & good news for you. Starting a family is also on the cards for some. Explore new ways to express your love and infuse some romance in your relationship. If you like someone, let them know how you feel. You will witness a growth in your career. There could be a promotion, bonus or a new job.

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There will be love, commitment and partnership based on shared values and interests. Entering a mutually beneficial partnership with a friend or a business associate is indicated. You and your partner will have mutual respect and understanding for one another & your bond will be strengthened. If you have been hoping to find true love, you are likely to meet your potential partner. There will be financial stability & you will be take care of your expenses. Be practical with money and wise with expenses.

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You could see yourself trying to find the right balance between work & personal life. Prioritise & put your energy where it is necessary. You may have to make a decision related to property or money. Pay attention to money, time, & resources. There could be a temporary cash-flow issue but if you pay attention, you will be able to manage. You & your partner may have a crucial financial decision to make together. Singles, may have a choice to make about whether or not you are ready for a new relationship.

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There will be a positive energy in your work and personal life. You will have the enthusiasm & your relationships- family & professional contacts, will be energised. For couples, it’s a great time to nurture your bond & there will be love and intimacy in your relationship. If you are single, be open as you are ready to meet someone new. At work, your ideas will flourish & you will have the strength to execute your plans. You will be able to make sound financial decisions but spend carefully.

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You will find yourself caught in a middle of a situation and not knowing which side to choose. Resolving and moving past the stalemate is the only solution. There is a need for balance in your relationships. Singles, may be trying to choose between two potential partners. For couples, you must not ignore any existing problems, speak clearly to find a solution. You may have a choice to make between two jobs or career paths. Consider all the facts and information before making any decision. Make sure that you are wise with expenditures.

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You may choose to walk away from a situation, job or a person. In love, while everything may appear fine on the outside, you or your partner may choose to withdraw temporarily. Also you may be clinging onto a relationship that’s not working. There may be some unresolved past issues that might be stopping your relationship from moving forward. In work, you may find yourself walking away from your job that no longer seems satisfying or a change of career. Be careful with money as there could be some financial loss.

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You will be feeling happy and positive this week. People around you will be kind & friendly; some good news is coming your way. If you are in a relationship, there will be an opportunity for you & your partner to bring happiness & contentment to your relationship. For singles, it’s a great time to meet new people as beginning of a new relationship is indicated. At work, there will be new opportunities, promotion & recognition. You will receive good news related to money and finances.

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You will see a change or a transition coming your way. There could be a change that could lead to a complete transformation of your relationship or the beginning of a new phase. It could mean break-up or letting go of a relationship that no longer is working for you. If you are unhappy with your current job, you may look at a new job or a change of role. Financially it could be a title tight & you need to be practical with money & investments.

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There is some kind of conflict & competition involving people around you. There could be misunderstandings and lack of agreement. In love, you may have to make an extra effort or struggle to win your partner's attention; he may be focussing on something else. Your partner may not sure of his/her feelings or affection. At work, there will be competition but you must hold your position and not give up. People around you will have strong opinions and will be busy defending their position rather than trying to reach a consensus.

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There will be new beginnings & prosperity. You will be starting something new which will bring financial rewards & money, quickly. You may be presented with an opportunity to gain financially & expand your business. There will be security, stability, and abundance in all key areas of life. In relationships, there will be happiness & contentment. Maintain clear communication & let go of any ego to have a strong & healthy relationship. For singles, love is on its way, and you could possibly meet someone through business or work.

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There will be accomplishment, fulfilment of wishes & dreams come true. Your relationship is secure, happy & fulfilled. There will be romance & commitment in your relationship. For singles, you are emotionally ready & it is a great time to meet new people. There will be success, projects will thrive & your success will be rewarded. There could be a promotion or a bonus coming your way. It is a good time to start a new business or take up a new job. Financially, there will be prosperity and abundance.

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You will need to hold your ground and stay strong to defend your position. In love, there may be hurdles, and you may need to stand and fight for your love. Your emotions and love may be questioned by people around you, but you must hold your ground, be clear on your position, and defend your love. You may have to fight and stand up for yourself to defend your position and status in the organisation. You must take care of your financial security through proper financial planning, investments and savings.

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