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Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of November 9, 2020

Here is the Tarot forecast for the week of November 9, 2020 for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out the insights and guidance to make the most of your opportunities and face the challenges this week.


Your hard work and efforts in the past will pay off. There will be some good news concerning, finances, business, education, property this week. It is is a good time to begin new relationships and nurture your existing relationships; however, there is a need for creating a balance between personal life and work matters. Money matters will be stable. This is the time to nurture your skills and acquire some qualification. Pay attention and follow a diligent approach towards your existing projects/tasks.

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You will be in command of the situation at work & in relationships. It is time to take charge of things and focus on the logic rather than the heart. It may be an intensive time at work; don’t be hasty. Be realistic, practical with money, & follow a cautious approach towards your finances. Calculate all risks & check all facts before making any decisions. You & your partner will stay connected on an intellectual & emotional level. Give attention to your partner & do not hesitate to make the first move.

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There will be new beginnings & prosperity. You will be starting something new which will bring financial rewards quickly. You may get an opportunity to gain financially & expand your business. Unexpected windfall is also indicated. There will be security, stability, and abundance in all key areas of life. In relationships, there will be happiness & contentment. Maintain clear communication & let go of any ego to have a strong & healthy relationship. For singles, love is on its way, and you could possibly meet someone through business or work.

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Watch out for negative people, bad habits, temptations, & materialism this week. You may feel trapped to a situation, job or relationship. Family & relationships may be demanding at this time. In love, do not fall for lust-over-love situations & short-term affairs. Someone in the family or at the workplace may try to dominate & steer conversations. Be cautious with your finances and do not overspend. It’s time to identify how & why we may be feeling trapped, & break the chains of patterns that restrain us.

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There is success & you will move forward with focus, determination & self control. Be ready to take charge and control of the situation and navigate your path. You will be successful in your endeavour as long as you stay focussed and confident of your abilities. Your relationship will progress at a pace now. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone. Your work or business will make swift progress and your projects will show positive results. Things are likely to get better on the professional & financial front.

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Invest time in planning for something you have been nurturing for some time. Be patient & do not expect instant results. If you have a decision to make, trust your intuition and follow your instincts. You & your partner may choose to keep a part of your life separate. Do not overthink & give space to each other. Singles may have to wait for some time before they meet a potential partner. A guide or a mentor may help you in your career. Be wary of sharing your ideas, or financial plans with anyone.

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Slow and steady wins the race & you are definitely on the path to success. You will start seeing the result of your hard work this week. They may be slow & not as you had expected but surely your efforts will pay off. In love, you have to be patient; the feelings of your partner towards you will grow stronger with time, only if you are ready to wait. Stability on the professional & financial front is foreseen. It’s time to evaluate what you have achieved & plan the way forward.

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This week ushers in a time of financial stability & security. You will find yourself surrounded by material comforts, & your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded. Your efforts and hard work will pay off, and there is a possibility of financial reward like bonus or promotion. You will have the resources to splurge occasionally and help others. Some investments are also indicated and will fetch good returns. Think beyond your relationship, family, and responsibilities; make sure you take time out for yourself- pursuing a hobby, catching up with friends.

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There will be a positive energy in your work and personal life. You will have the enthusiasm & your relationships- family & professional contacts, will be energised. For couples, it’s a great time to nurture your bond & there will be love and intimacy in your relationship. If you are single, be open as you are ready to meet someone new. At work, your ideas will flourish & you will have the strength to execute your plans. You will be able to make sound financial decisions but spend carefully.

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Victory is within reach so don’t give up now. You may feel fatigued but you have the courage & perseverance to fight & move forward. You & your partner might be feeling exhausted & thinking of giving up. Keep going, it’s time to gather your strength & focus on bringing your relationship back on track. If you are single, don’t let your past experiences prevent you from making a fresh start. Work might be demanding so use your energy wisely & plan well. There may be some cash problems so spend wisely.

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Sometimes you are forced to face with reality, even if it hurts. There could be betrayal & disloyalty in relationships and business dealings. You may feel deeply hurt and disheartened because of others’ bitter words, actions, and behaviour. Separation or the breakup of a significant relationship is indicated. At work, you may have to face unfriendly and spiteful words of your boss or colleagues, but you don’t have to take every word to your heart. Beware of deception and breach of trust in business dealings.

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It’s a good time to grow emotionally & become more spiritually aware. There will be commitments & groundedness in relationships. Your relationship will move into the next phase. New relationship or meeting someone is on the cards for singles. In career or work, good things are coming your way. Nurture your talents through learning & skill acquisition. You are likely to get good advice and guidance from a senior at your workplace. You may also find a mentor or a guide who will help make the right decisions related to your career.

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