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The mesmerising Leo Zodiac Bracelet combines the powerful synergy of Tiger Eye's protection, Garnet's passion, Rhodonite's compassion, Pyrite's abundance, and Carnelian's vibrant energy.


  • Tiger Eye enhances qualities such as courage, focus, and protection. It is believed to promote mental clarity, aid in decision-making, grounding one's energy and balance. It is often associated with the solar plexus and root chakras.
  • Garnet ignites vitality, strength and passion. It is believed to stimulate the flow of energy and promote a sense of security. Garnet is associated with the root and heart chakras.
  • Rhodonite brings emotional healing, compassion, and balance. It is believed to promote love and understanding, helping to release past emotional wounds. Rhodonite is associated with the heart chakra and is thought to assist in emotional expression and forgiveness.
  • Pyrite attracts abundance, prosperity, and protection. Pyrite is believed to help with manifestation and attracting wealth and positive energy. It is also associated with the solar plexus chakra.
  • Carnelian ignites creativity, courage, and vitality. It is believed to stimulate motivation and enhance energy flow. Carnelian is also associated with the sacral chakra, which is linked to emotions and creativity.


The Leo zodiac crystal bracelet, carefully selected with stones like Tiger Eye and Carnelian, embodies the bold and vibrant energy associated with the Leo sign. This empowering accessory is believed to enhance the wearer's confidence, courage, and creative expression, making it a stylish and meaningful addition to your personal journey.

Leo Zodiac Bracelet

₹1,199.00 Regular Price
₹999.00Sale Price
    • 8mm genuine gemstone beads.
    • One-size fits all elastic bracelet.
    • We use 100% natural stones and therefore they may vary in colour, pattern, and texture. These variations make your crystal or jewellery unique and special.

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