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Welcome abundance, luck and wealth into your life with our Success & Prosperity Energy Bracelet. Handcrafted with the powerful combination of Citrine, Pyrite, Tiger Eye, Aventurine, and Clear Quartz, this enchanting bracelet is designed to align your energy with success, abundance, and prosperity, guiding you towards a life of limitless possibilities.


  • Citrine, the stone of abundance, unlocks a wealth of opportunities and manifests prosperity in all areas of your life. Feel the magnetic energy of financial success drawing near.
  • Pyrite, the ultimate symbol of success, ignites your motivation and fuels your confidence, propelling you towards achieving your goals with unwavering determination.
  • Tiger Eye, the stone of courage, instills strength and tenacity within you, emboldening you to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious. Embrace your inner warrior.
  • Aventurine, the stone of luck, opens doors to boundless opportunities, attracting prosperity and growth. Allow the energy of abundance to flow into your life.
  • Clear Quartz, the master healer, amplifies your intentions, clarifies your purpose, and aligns your energy towards success. Feel the empowering clarity of mind.


Immerse yourself in the harmonious energy of these crystals and step into a realm of success and prosperity. Embrace the abundance that awaits you and manifest your dreams with the Success and Prosperity Energised Bracelet.

Success & Prosperity Energy Bracelet

₹1,429.00 Regular Price
₹1,299.00Sale Price
    • 8mm genuine gemstone beads.
    • One-size fits all elastic bracelet.
    • We use 100% natural stones and therefore they may vary in colour, pattern, and texture. These variations make your crystal or jewellery unique and special.

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