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Taurus 2021 Predictions


At work, your position will improve, and if things have been tough in recent times, you will feel the balance is being restored, there will be harmony at work. You may get to work on a project or assignment you have been yearning to work on. If there were any conflicts, you should make an effort to resolve them amicably. You may look at seeking advice from seniors at your workplace to improve your output and performance at work. Be supportive of your colleagues, and you will gain their support in return.

Finance/ Money

While there will be stability in your job and career, in the context of money and cash flow, you might find it to be a little tight. Temporary financial hardship and loss is foreseen. It is advisable to plan ahead and put aside something as financial security. Curb your expenditures, do not make any significant investment and spend judiciously.


In love, there may be some hurdles, and you may need to defend your position, stand up for yourself and fight for your love. Your emotions and love may be put to test and even questioned by your partner or people around you. But, you must hold your ground, be clear on your position, and defend your love. If you stand tall & keep going, you will overcome the challenges.


For homemakers and those who multitask, consider saying no, and seek support from others in the family. Do not overwork or exhaust yourself. You may be weighing yourself down with demands and responsibilities that you lose the sight of the reason you’re doing the work. You may also be carrying issues or grudges from the past and it would be best to resolve them.


Listen to your body, read the signals and try to understand what it is trying to say. Pay attention to your energy levels and take time out for yourself, relax and unwind whenever you can. There is a strong indication of pregnancy/birth for the couples who are hoping to begin a family (*not a substitute to professional medical advice). You are likely to become prone to back problem so try to follow a balanced routine and exercise regularly. You also need to be cautious about your lifestyle and limit the intake of alcohol and cigarettes and over indulgence. You need to be take extra care of your health in October and November.


This year you will be spiritually inclined and you may find yourself confused about choosing between the material world and the spiritual life. You may explore your spiritual side and there could be different forms of spiritual practices that you may get interested in.


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