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Authentic | Honest | Energetically Charged

  • Navgrah Mala comprises stones associated with nine planets: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Ketu, Saturn and Mars. 
  • It helps neutralise all nine planets and protects against their adverse effects.
  • It helps in creating a balance between mind and emotions.
  • It supports creativity, communication skills, and intellect.
  • It removes obstacles and supports success.
  • It boosts the healing ability of the body.

Navragh Energy Necklace

    • 6mm, 108 genuine gemstone beads with Buddha charm.
    • Knotted between each bead.

    • We use 100% natural stones, and therefore they may vary in colour, pattern, and texture. These variations make your crystal or jewellery unique and special.

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