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Tarot message for the Week of October 5, 2020

Here is the message the Tarot has for you for the week of October 5, 2020, giving you insights to make the most of your opportunities and guidance to face the challenges & obstacles.

Take action and move forward. It is a reminder that you have the will power and determination to steer the Chariot towards your goal or in any direction you want. If you have been thinking of starting something new or a project that you were not confident about, the Chariot encourages you to embark on the journey and pursue your dream with a clear understanding of your goal and planned approach.

Be ready to take charge and control of the situation and navigate your path. It is a sign that you will be successful in your endeavour as long as you stay focussed and confident of your abilities.

There may be challenges in your journey but if you stay focussed, determined and courageous, you will be able to overcome any obstacle in your path. Focus and concentrate your energy on the task at hand.

This is a generic tarot reading to tell you about the collective energies & consciousness for the week of October 5- October 11.

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